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Danger level 7
Type: Browser Hijackers
Common infection symptoms:
  • Hijacks homepage
  • Changes default search engine is a browser hijacker that could potentially corrupt the homepage and the default search provider on such popular web browsers as Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer. If this hijacker corrupts your web browsers illegally – as in, without your permission – you should have absolutely no hesitation about deleting it. We recommend doing the same even if it has been set up with your permission because this hijacker can open up security backdoors, and that could lead to serious security problems. If you cannot wait to remove from your web browsers, use the instructions below, but we recommend reading this report first because you might learn important things regarding the activity of tracking cookies and the representation of ads. Please take note of your questions if they come up, and add them to the comments section below so that we could address them as soon as possible.

If you have faced, you know that this browser hijacker has a great interface. The best thing is that the hijacker displays a ton of quick-access links to popular websites, including,,,,,, etc. Due to this, you might believe that is the best homepage you could find. Unfortunately, the links routing to popular sites are only a distraction. If you find these useful, it is likely that you will put up with the annoying flashy banner advertisements and the suspicious search provider. When it comes to ads, you have to be extremely careful because they could introduce you to malicious installers and could route you to unreliable websites filled with misleading offers and promises. In case you have already download software represented via the hijacker, you need to inspect it immediately to figure out if it requires removal. We advise installing a legitimate malware scanner to inspect your PC and check if you need to delete malware.

While you can ignore the ads represented on the home page of, it might be more difficult to ignore ads that look like regular search results. The search engine employed by the hijacker is the popular Yahoo Search; however, the creator of the hijacker could modify the search results to include sponsored content. These ads could be just as unreliable as the flashy banner advertisements, but they might be harder to avoid, considering that they can be concealed. Due to this, we do not recommend using the search dialog box represented via In fact, you should stop interacting with this hijacker immediately because it could collect information about you without your knowledge. Tracking cookies and other technologies could be employed to record and analyze your virtual behavior. Do you think that the creator of the hijacker and its partners can be trusted with this information? If you do not think so, you need to delete the hijacker from your web browsers immediately.

It should be obvious by now that it is best to delete from your browsers. Unfortunately, you might have to eliminate other threats as well. Since the hijacker is hosted on the same server as,, and other suspicious pieces of software, you might face them as well. Also, it was found that the server hosts Russian bundles as well, and that means that all kinds of threats could have been introduced to you along with As mentioned previously, a legitimate malware scanner can find all threats active, and this is an important time to use it. Note that most reliable malware scanners are free, which leaves no excuse not to use one. Scan your PC immediately to check which threats you need to delete. This can help you devise the best removal plan.

If multiple threats are active on your vulnerable operating system, we strongly recommend investing in a legitimate anti-malware tool that will automatically find and erase all infections. Now, if you want to delete the discovered malware manually, you need to figure out which threats require your attention first. When it comes to the elimination of, we advise resetting your browsers to get rid of it. This will also help you get rid of tracking cookies that might have been employed. If you need other kinds of assistance, please leave a comment down below. Removal

Google Chrome:

  1. Launch the browser and open a menu by tapping Alt+F keys.
  2. Select Settings and then scroll to the bottom of the menu.
  3. Click Show advanced settings and scroll to the bottom again.
  4. Click the Reset settings button and then click Reset.

Mozilla Firefox:

  1. Launch the browser and open the Help menu by tapping Alt+H keys.
  2. Select Troubleshooting Information.
  3. Click the Refresh Firefox button and then click Refresh Firefox again.

Internet Explorer:

  1. Launch the browser and access the Tools menu by tapping Alt+T keys.
  2. Select Internet options and then click the Advanced tab.
  3. Click the Reset button, mark Delete personal settings, and click Reset again.
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