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Danger level 7
Type: Trojans
Common infection symptoms:
  • Slow Computer
  • System crashes
  • Connects to the internet without permission
  • Installs itself without permissions
  • Can't be uninstalled via Control Panel

Ransoc Screenlocker

Ransoc Screenlocker is a dangerous Trojan program that locks your screen and displays a scary warning message that is difficult not to take seriously. The success of this vicious threat lies in its capability to scan your computer behind your back and collect important information about your social life, files you download, and more. This Trojan then uses the gathered data to display it on its screen locker warning window to make it look even more frightening. Since this malicious program attacks those users who actually have something shady on their machines, there is a good chance that they would take it seriously. It is not only the warning message that could be different from victim to victim, but also the amount of the ransom fee. This infection does not encrypt your files so there is no real damage done that would force you to think about paying this money to unblock your computer. We suggest that you remove Ransoc Screenlocker immediately. Since it may be a bit complicated, we have included the necessary instructions. But before you jump to the end, we suggest that you read our full article to find out how you can avoid similar threats to hit you.

This Trojan screen locker can infiltrate your system without your knowledge in two main channels. First, it is possible that you encounter this infection via malvertising campaigns. This means that by clicking on corrupt third-party advertisements, you can drop this dangerous threat onto your system. Obviously, you would not even realize that Ransoc Screenlocker is already on your computer and scanning for shady content. One click on the wrong commercial could bring you this nightmarish program. In order for you to be exposed to such ads, either your system needs to be infected with adware programs or you need to land on suspicious websites, such as torrent, shareware, and gaming sites.

Adware programs may not be considered dangerous threats by most users, but rather annoying with the constant flow of third-party commercials. However, these ads can hide unreliable or downright malicious links leading to malicious websites or simply dropping malware infections such as this. Furthermore, an ad-supported program may also be able to hijack normal ads that you may find on reputable websites. Suspicious websites usually host a number of unsafe third-party contents, including advertisements. Again, one click could be enough for you to let this dangerous Trojan silently sneak onto your system. The biggest problem with such an infection is that you will not realize its presence, so you will not be able to delete Ransoc Screenlocker before it reveals itself and locks your computer.

Another way for this annoying threat to show up on your system is by the use of so-called Exploit Kits. Cyber criminals can set up traps, i.e., webpages with malicious codes that exploit vulnerabilities of outdated software. In other words, if your browsers and drivers (Java and Flash) are not always updated properly, landing on such a page could infect you with Ransoc Screenlocker in no time. The worst thing about such malicious pages is that you do not even need to click on anything because the code runs automatically upon loading. There is no doubt that you need to keep all your programs and drivers up-to-date to be able to avoid such catastrophes.

Our tests indicate that this Trojan screen locker starts scanning your system as soon as it lands on it. This threat looks for social media profiles, instant messaging information, torrent files, anything in relation to child pornography, all kinds of intellectual property rights-related as well as copyrighted or pirated materials. Virtually, this beast searches your computer for anything that can be used against you to scare you out of your money. We have found that this Trojan also constantly checks whether you start Task Manager, RegEdit, and MSConfig so that it can kill these processes right away in an attempt to stop you from intervening.

Once everything is set up, the warning window blocks and locks your screen. The warning message in fact changes form user to user because it is based on actual and personal data to make it look even scarier. This notification may look like a totally authentic legal warning that threatens you with impending lawsuit due to the fact that illegal files have been found on your computer. Who would call the police to report such an attack, right? This is what these criminals actually base their hopes on.

The ransom fee you are supposed to pay can vary. It can be $50 or up to $500; or even more. Unlike in the case of most ransomware and screen locker infections, this malicious program does not demand this fee paid in Bitcoins; instead, it wants direct credit card payments. We do not advise you to even think about paying any fee because we have a solution for you how to remove Ransoc Screenlocker.

First of all, you need to restart your computer in Safe Mode because this infection restarts automatically with Windows otherwise. Once you log in, you need to remove some related registry entries and restart your computer. Please follow our guide below carefully to make sure that you delete Ransoc Screenlocker without any leftovers. Most likely you realize how important it is to prevent similar malware infections from finding a way to your system. Therefore, we suggest that you install a reliable anti-malware application, such as SpyHunter, to automatically protect your computer from all known malicious programs.

Restart your computer in Safe Mode

Windows 8/Windows 8.1/Windows 10

  1. On the Metro UI screen click on the Power icon.
  2. Press and hold the Shift key and choose Restart.
  3. Go to Advanced options from the Troubleshooting menu.
  4. Choose Startup Settings and click Restart.
  5. Tap the F4 key to restart in Safe Mode.

Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7

  1. Restart your PC and press the F8 key a few times to start the boot menu.
  2. Select Safe Mode, and hit the Enter key.

How to remove Ransoc Screenlocker from Windows

  1. Press Win+R and type regedit. Click OK.
  2. Locate and delete the following registry value names:
    HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Shared Tools\MSConfig\startupfolder\C:\Users\user\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup\JavaErrorHandler.lnk
    HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Shared Tools\MSConfig\startupreg\JavaErrorHandler
  3. Close the Registry Editor.
  4. Restart your PC in Normal Mode.
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