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Danger level 7
Type: Trojans
Common infection symptoms:
  • Slow Computer
  • System crashes
  • Connects to the internet without permission
  • Installs itself without permissions
  • Can't be uninstalled via Control Panel

Click Me Ransomware

Click Me Ransomware is a file-encrypting threat that is still in development. Just like other well-known ransomware infections, it enters computers secretly but, of course, with a user’s help, and then starts acting the way it has to. Users do not immediately find out that such a serious computer infection has entered their PCs because it opens a window with a Click Me game first. The purpose of this game is to click on a button that keeps running away. Users get distracted by this game and the ransomware infection can encrypt files without interference. At least future versions should do so because the one we have tested does not do anything yet. No matter which version of this threat you encounter, you have to remove Click Me Ransomware immediately from your computer even though it does not work the way it should and seems to be harmless because it might be fixed one day. Find more about the removal of this infection in this report.

Click Me Ransomware is still in development, so even though it opens a ransom note after users click several times on the game window, there will be no information about the decryption of files. Yes, it is said that users have to pay money to purchase the key to unlock files, but there is no information about the price of the key and how to transfer money to cyber criminals. The ransom note is written in Arabic, but specialists have automatically translated it for you (find a message below):

Alright my dear brother!!!

Enough free playing. Your files have been encrypted. Pay so much this much money so I can send you the password for your files.

I can be paid this much too cause I am very kind.

So move on I didn’t raise the price

Luckily, you do not need to pay money if you have encountered a version showing this ransom note because it does not act the way it should, i.e. it does not encrypt files. Of course, it might be updated in the future and then start acting exactly like other ransomware infections seeking to obtain money from users. If you ever encounter a version encrypting files (all encrypted files will have a new filename extension .hacked), you should not make a payment to get a decryption tool either even though you find that its price is not very huge. It is because cyber criminals might not send it to you after receiving money. They will not return your money too. Of course, we do not suggest giving up either. What you should do instead of paying money is to use a free file recovery tool. If you have backed up your files before the entrance of this ransomware infection, you could recover them from a backup too. Do backups of files periodically to be able to restore them in case of the entrance of ransomware in the future.

If you always remember how threats like Click Me Ransomware are distributed in most cases, it will be easier for you to prevent them from entering your computer. First of all, we have to say that there are a number of different malware distribution methods; however, it seems that cyber criminals developing ransomware infections prefer two of them the most. Researchers at have found that these infections might enter computers very quickly if users keep opening attachments they find in the spam mail folder. Secondly, Trojans, which are often called Trojan droppers, might drop ransomware infections on the computer too. Users do not even notice that and find out that they have a file-encrypting threat on their PCs only when they find all their personal files encrypted. It is definitely not easy to prevent ransomware infections from entering the system, so the installation of an antimalware tool is a must for every user.

Click Me Ransomware is a serious infection, but, luckily, it will leave your computer alone when you delete its executable file. It has a random name, so it will not be very easy to find it. If our manual removal instructions do not help you to take care of the file belonging to this threat, you should scan your system with SpyHunter. This automatic tool will delete Click Me Ransomware and all other threats from your PC so that they could not cause any problems for you in the future.

Delete Click Me Ransomware

  1. Open the Windows Explorer (Win+E).
  2. Type %USERPROFILE%\Downloads in the URL box at the top and tap Enter.
  3. Locate the .exe file you have recently downloaded.
  4. Delete it.
  5. Empty the Recycle bin.
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