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Danger level 6
Type: Browser Hijackers
Common infection symptoms:
  • Changes default search engine
  • Hijacks homepage


Search.searchetg.com is not a unique search provider. In fact, it is identical to Search.mygamesxp.com, Search.myspeedtestxp.com, Search.MyTelevisionXp.com, and tons of other search tools. Even the “Search” logo in the middle is the same in every case. Were these search tools created by the same company? This is very possible considering that all of them are represented via extensions created by SaferBrowser. In our case, the extension is called “Easy Transit Guide,” and it is officially promoted at easytransitguide.com. Whether you have installed this extension via Chrome, Firefox, or IE, we can show you how to delete the hijacker quickly and effortlessly. If you are still not sure as to why you should remove Search.searchetg.com from your browsers, you need to continue reading.

Easy Transit Guide is an extension that should provide you with directions, maps, and schedules. The official download page suggests that this tool allows you to search for routes and public transport schedules completely for free. When you download the program, depending on the browser you use, you might be asked to modify search settings. For example, if you use Mozilla Firefox, you will be forced to set searchetg.com as your homepage and default search provider. Google Chrome users, on the other hand, will not be informed about the search tool at all. The installer will simply warn that the extension can read and change data, as well as manage apps, extensions, and themes. Of course, when you install the extension and re-launch your browser, you will discover that your New Tab represents an unfamiliar search tool. Whether you are forced or tricked into acquiring the search tool, you must realize why we classify it as a browser hijacker. Such activity is a reason to delete it from your browsers.

It would be unfair to say that Search.searchetg.com is completely useless. The quick-access links that this hijacker represents route to get.uber.com, kayak.com, and expedia.com/Cars, all of which are legit websites. The “Local Weather” link is a bit more suspicious. When you click it, you will be routed to a page that automatically determines your location to provide you with a relevant weather forecast. This page includes banner advertisements, and we do not recommend clicking on them. Overall, the most interesting feature of the hijacker is the “Search” tool. By entering keywords into the search box, you will initiate redirecting to search.yahoo.com. This is a legitimate search provider that thousands of users employ every single day. So, what is wrong with this? First of all, you cannot ignore unauthorized redirecting. This just proves that the hijacker can do whatever it wants. Second, as our research team warns, the results shown could be modified by the hijacker, which makes them unpredictable.

One last thing you need to know about Search.searchetg.com is that this hijacker can be dangerous in a silent way. It silently installs tracking cookies to record data. Normally, tracking cookies are not malicious, but, in some cases, they can be used in intrusive ways. For example, this hijacker can use the cookies to record information that might include personally identifiable information. Even worse, unknown third parties might have access to this information. The Privacy Policy available for you at search.searchetg.com/home/privacy has this information highlighted (all in caps), which means that it rejects all responsibility for the outcome. After all, you choose to accept the Privacy Policy as soon as you click the Install button, and it is on you if you have failed to review the document. Hopefully, it is not too late for you to erase the hijacker and delete the cookies associated with it.

There are plenty of different methods that you can employ to delete Search.searchetg.com from your browsers. Even if you choose to erase this hijacker manually, you have several different options. For example, you can follow the guide below, or you can erase extensions (on Firefox and Chrome) and uninstall apps (for Internet Explorer users). If you are smart, you will also think about third-party malware that might be active on the PC or that might attack it in the future. In that case, the best option is installing anti-malware software. If you are having issues with any of the options you have chosen, or you have questions about other things, do not hesitate to start a discussion below.

Search.searchetg.com Removal

Internet Explorer:

  1. Tap Win+R keys to access RUN.
  2. Enter regedit.exe to access Registry Editor.
  3. Use the pane on the left to access HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main.
  4. Open the Start Page value and replace the unwanted URL. Click OK.
  5. Move to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\.
  6. Delete the registry key named EasyTransitGuide.

Mozilla Firefox:

  1. Tap Win+E keys to access Explorer.
  2. Enter %AppData%\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\ into the address bar.
  3. Open your profile folder (look for random characters and .default string in the name).
  4. Open the extensions folder and Delete the file named@Transit.xpi.
  5. Go back to your profile folder and open the prefs.js file (use Notepad).
  6. Replace the hijacker’s URLs with the desired URLs and save the file before closing it.

Google Chrome:

  1. Tap Win+E to access Explorer.
  2. Enter %LOCALAPPDATA%\Google\Chrome\User Data\ (%UserProfile%\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\User Data\ for Windows XP users) into the address bar.
  3. Open the unique Profile folder (or Default).
  4. Open the file named Preferences (use Notepad).
  5. Replace the hijacker’s URLs with the desired URLs and save the file before closing it.
  6. Open the file named Secure Preferences and repeat step 5.
  7. Now, move to the Extensions folder.
  8. Delete the folder named nailjimbmkejikcpledjbonclmejkmoc (represents Easy Transit Guide).
  9. Go back and open the Local Storage folder.
  10. Delete the chrome-extension_nailjimbmkejikcpledjbonclmejkmoc_0.localstorage-journal and chrome-extension_nailjimbmkejikcpledjbonclmejkmoc_0.localstorage files.
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