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Win Heal 2016

Win Heal 2016 is supposed to be a system scanner that reports issues detected on your computer. However, even though the application’s window provides the “Repair” button, the software does not clean the system after clicking it. Instead, you receive a message to contact the support members via given telephone number. Our specialists did not try to call it themselves, but they believe that the person who answers could try to sell users another version of Win Heal 2016. What’s more, the software falls under the category or potentially unwanted programs (PUP). Apparently, it has a few undesirable qualities that might make its users regret installing the application. If you are one of the users who would like to get rid of it, there is a removal guide available at the end of the article, although we encourage you to read the text first.

To begin with, it is crucial to understand how such PUPs are distributed since some of the users might install it unknowingly. The application could be spread with bundled installers. Such files may be distributed through various file-sharing web pages. Often bundled installers suggest a couple of other programs in addition to the main one. Usually, you can easily deselect these offers, but some users fail to notice them. If it happened to you as well, you should be more attentive the next time you launch a setup file.

The PUP has a couple of unwanted qualities that could annoy its users. For instance, the software manages to auto-start with the operating system whether you like it or not. It happens because the application places a value name called WinHeal on the Run key in the Windows Registry. Thus, if you want to stop Win Heal 2016 from launching itself automatically, you should erase the mentioned entry. To make things worse, users might find it difficult to close the application’s window. When you click the X button, the PUP disappears from the screen, but it goes to the background, and the software’s icon appears on the Windows taskbar. If you right-click the icon to shut down the program, its window appears on the screen again. At this point, if nothing helps, you should use the Task Manager and kill the program’s process.

Furthermore, after Win Heal 2016 scans the computer, it might advise the user to call their “live expert.” Also, the same message could be displayed once you click the “Repair” button. From what the message says this person from support should tell you more about the issues on the system and provide you with the solution. Based on the behavior of other similar applications, it could be that the support member might try to sell you either another version of Win Heal 2016 or different tools. Sadly, as the detected issues could be fake, buying suggested products or services might be a waste of your money.

Our specialists think that the report may display issues, which do not exist because the application only shows how many issues it detected and what they are related to. To ensure that these issues are not fake the PUP should list the data related to the detections and specify where such files were found. Then the user could check these files and if needed remove them himself since the tool does not clean the system. This also could make one question the usefulness of the software. If it does not give you any benefits, why keep it on the computer? Especially, if its automatic launch or urges to contact the support annoys you.

Users who want to clean the system and do not mind to spend their money on useful tools should get a trustworthy antimalware tool instead. It would help you guard the computer against malware. Plus, you could use it to scan the system or specific files and eliminate detected threats. Therefore, if you do not trust Win Heal 2016 and want to remove it, you can erase it with the legitimate antimalware tool of your choice. There is also another method to get rid of the software. Users can locate and delete the PUP’s created data on the system manually. If you do not know where to start, the step by step instructions available below should help you with the task. Plus, users can write us a comment here or reach us through social media, if they need further assistance or want to ask a couple of questions about the application.

Erase Win Heal 2016

  1. Press Win+R, type Regedit, and click Enter to open the Registry editor.
  2. Locate these directories separately:
  3. Search for keys titled as WinHeal or WinHeal Free 2016 in each of the listed directories.
  4. Right-click such keys separately and choose Delete.
  5. Find the given path: HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run
  6. Look for a value name called WinHeal, right-click it and press Delete.
  7. Press Win+E to open the Explorer.
  8. Search for these directories:
    %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Application Data
  9. Locate folders that are named as WinHeal, right-click them separately and select Delete.
  10. Empty the Recycle bin.
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