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Danger level 7
Type: Browser Hijackers
Common infection symptoms:
  • Hijacks homepage
  • Changes default search engine can show up in your Google Chrome browser as your new tab page and search engine after you install a free software bundle. Although you can also install this browser extension officially, there is little chance that this is how it has crawled onto your system. This tool is the new “child” of Upside Innovations, Inc. who are also responsible for the recently emerged Due to its capabilities, we have categorized this threat as a browser hijacker, too. If you find this search page in your browser, it is worth running a malware scanner on your system because it is likely that you will find other malware programs as well, such as adware programs, hijackers, or even potentially unwanted programs. Since this browser hijacker can expose you to unreliable web content, we advise you to remove If you are interested in how this tool may pose a threat to your system security and what you can do against it, please continue reading.

There are official channels through which you can install this questionable extension, such as the promotional page at and the Chrome web store (, but we have found that only 4 users has been fooled so far to do so. This obviously could not make enough money for the creators; therefore, there has to be other ways for this infection to be distributed by. Just like in the case of its predecessor and most of other browser hijackers, this threat is also spread through third-party ads. It can come bundled with other malicious software installers but you may also install it simply by clicking on a pop-up advertisement. Obviously, the worse case is when you allow a whole package of threats onto your machine. This can easily happen when you visit unfamiliar file-sharing, gaming, and pornographic websites. Most questionable sites host a number of third-party ads; some of which may look like content belonging to the main page actually (buttons, links, etc.). If you click on these, you may easily end up with a bundle of malware infections.

What a lot of users do not seem to know is that you can usually figure out the contents of such a package and deselect the components that you do not wish to see on your computer. Sometimes this option is only revealed if you choose the custom installation option. However, most people rush to try the new tool so they would just go with the default installation, which, of course, includes the installation of the whole bundle. This is the most likely way for you to let this threat onto your system, too. Although, it is also possible that your computer was previously infected with adware and that malicious program generated the corrupt third-party ad on which you clicked and ended up with this browser hijacker in your Chrome browser. In any case, we suggest that you check your system for other potentially harmful programs after you remove

This tool promises you access to thousands of coupons with a single click, but what it really seems to do is making this questionable search page your new tab page and default search engine. This page provides you with a number of quick-link thumbnails leading to different coupon-related sites as well as popular pages, including Facebook and YouTube, right below the search box. You may find it handy and useful but wait till you learn that this search tool is not reliable at all. In fact, this browser hijacker is capable of modifying the search results to include affiliated third parties’ ads and links. You may be tricked into believing that the results you are provided with are totally reliable since you find yourself on a Yahoo results page, but you should remember that these ads and links might even come from cyber criminals if you come through this hijacker. You may think that you click on a good offer, for example, but instead of buying a desirable product, you end up disclosing your banking and personal details to criminals on a fake webpage pretending to be a shop. Can you imagine the damage this could do to you? So when you see an uninvited search engine in your browsers next time that may look totally legitimate and innocent, just think about the previous lines. Because it does not matter how slight the chance is to click on such an ad or link; what really matters is that it is possible and that already should be enough for you to want to remove

Since this is a simple browser extension that only affects Google Chrome, your job is very easy indeed if you want to get rid of this useless tool. You just need to remove the extension called “Coupons” and voila, all settings that this hijacker changed will be undone in no time. If you have never done this before, please use our instructions below. Before you think that the threat is all over, we would like to remind you that there could be other malware infections on board. Therefore, you should not stop until all your system is completely clean. You may not have the time or skills to hunt down each and every threat manually; thus, we advise you to find a reliable anti-malware program that will automatically eliminate all possible infections and keep your system protected.

How to remove from your browser

Google Chrome

  1. Press Alt+F and choose Settings.
  2. Select Extensions in the left panel.
  3. Locate the “Coupons” extension and click on the trash can icon on its right.
  4. Click Remove.
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