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Danger level 7
Type: Browser Hijackers
Common infection symptoms:
  • Hijacks homepage
  • Changes default search engine


Search.searchwytsn.com is a search provider that is integral to the suspicious Watch Your TV Shows Now extension by SaferBrowser. Are you familiar with this company? It is responsible for extensions that introduce users to Search.gomaps.co, Search.searchlen.com, and many other search providers that are usually classified as browser hijackers. The reason behind that is simple: These extensions do not offer any services; they just introduce users to the search tools, and that is usually unexpected. If you entered the URL of any of these hijackers into your web browser, you would face the same page that you would if you downloaded the extension. Clearly, these extensions are useless. What about the hijackers? Although they might showcase legitimate links, there are reasons to delete them. This report shows how to remove Search.searchwytsn.com and the strange Watch Your TV Shows Now extension.

Did you download the extension from watchyourtvshowsnow.com? This is the official download page, where the extension is showcased as a tool that can help you watch your favorite TV shows and live sports events. Well, this is not a lie, but we are sure that most users expect this program to offer exclusive services, and, instead, it simply works as a regular toolbar that presents easy-access links. This program will not provide you with free access to the content you want to watch. Instead, it will display links to netflix.com, hulu.com, amc.com, and other sites. As you know, if you wish to watch the content available on these sites, you need to pay money. Of course, that proves WatchYourTVShowsNow to be quite useless. After all, you can easily attach links to these sites to your own Bookmarks bar, and you do not need an extension to access them. In fact, it seems that the main feature of this extension is to introduce you to Search.searchwytsn.com.

If you have downloaded the suspicious extension which is published by Express Software and whose files are signed by Sail Machine, you know that Search.searchwytsn.com is the main feature. The extension represents this search provider, and so it seems that it was created to force you into using it. When you download the extension, this search tool will replace your default search engine (just on Firefox), New Tab, and even the homepage. This means that you are likely to interact with this search tool at one point or another. When you do, you will be redirected to Yahoo Search, and this fools many users. Because Yahoo Search is a popular and widely-used search provider, many users consider that the results shown to them are harmless. Unfortunately, that might be not the case. Search.searchwytsn.com could modify the results shown to include sponsored links by unknown parties that are likely to have paid for the promotion. Unfortunately, because these parties are unknown, we have to consider them being unreliable, and that is one of the reasons to eliminate the hijacker.

In case you have downloaded Search.searchwytsn.com using an installer promoted via a malicious pop-up, there is a chance that more aggressive and dangerous threats are active on your operating system. Although it is possible that many will use the official installer, it is likely that many will fall victims to malicious installers as well. Even if you think that the software downloaded along with the extension/hijacker is harmless, inspecting it is the smart thing to do. We suggest downloading a free malware scanner to examine your operating system for you and help you figure out if you need to deal with any other unwanted threats. If infections are detected, you should research them quickly to figure out how to eliminate them. Obviously, if you are not experienced, manual removal might not be ideal.

The guide below shows how to delete Search.searchwytsn.com from your operating system manually. Although these steps might seem a little complicated if you are inexperienced, you should be able to handle them yourself. If you do not think you can successfully get rid of the hijacker, download a trusted anti-malware tool. This option is the best for those who find other threats as well. If you have already decided to invest in anti-malware software, we just want to remind you to keep up with the updates. If you do not, security vulnerabilities could be used to infiltrate malware onto your PC.

Search.searchwytsn.com Removal

Mozilla Firefox:

  1. Launch Explorer (tap Win+E) and enter %AppData%\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\ into the address bar.
  2. Open the folder that represents your unique Firefox Profile.
  3. Open the prefs.js file (use Notepad) and replace the URLs of the hijacker with the preferred ones.
  4. Now open the extensions folder and Delete the file named @TV.xpi.

Google Chrome:

  1. Launch Explorer by tapping Win+E keys on the keyboard.
  2. Enter %LOCALAPPDATA%\Google\Chrome\User Data\ (or %UserProfile%\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\User Data\) into the address bar.
  3. Open the Default folder (if you have multiple profiles, open your Profile folder).
  4. Delete these files: Preferences and Secure Preferences.
  5. Open the Local Storage folder.
  6. Delete these files: chrome-extension_eppabnboaggnncbepllcheficllnklia_0.localstorage-journal and chrome-extension_eppabnboaggnncbepllcheficllnklia_0.localstorage.
  7. Go back to the Profile name/Default folder and move to Extensions.
  8. Delete the folder named eppabnboaggnncbepllcheficllnklia.

Internet Explorer:

  1. Launch RUN (tap Win+R keys) and enter regedit.exe into the dialog box.
  2. Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\.
  3. Delete the key named WatchYourTVShowsNow.
  4. Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main.
  5. Double-click the value named Start Page and choose Modify.
  6. Delete the URL of the hijacker and enter the URL of the desired homepage. Click OK.
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