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Danger level 7
Type: Trojans
Common infection symptoms:
  • Slow Computer
  • System crashes
  • Connects to the internet without permission
  • Installs itself without permissions
  • Can't be uninstalled via Control Panel

Stampado Ransomware

Stampado Ransomware could be the next nightmare on “Malware Street.” This ransomware is now being advertised and sold as a service on the Dark Web. Instead of the usual hundreds of dollars for monthly rents, the developers of this infection only ask for 39 USD for good. Most likely this is the cheapest tool schemers have ever got their dirty hands on. That is why it is quite possible that it will become a big hit very soon. However, once this ransomware hits the web, it is also quite likely that several versions will attack their unsuspecting victims due to the customizability of the builder program. Obviously, you will be asked to pay more if you want to ever see or use your files again since this infection encrypts most of them. Since there seem to be no samples available yet, you cannot find file recovery tools either. That is why this infection is quite dangerous because if you do not have the decryption key and are not willing to pay these criminals, you may not be able to access your files again; well, unless you are wise enough to have a backup on a removable drive. Whether you are ready to pay or not, we suggest that you remove Stampado Ransomware immediately to clean your PC from this vicious infection.

Our research shows that this malware infection is available to be created in a couple of formats, including .exe, .bat, and .dll. The buyers of this service are given an interface where they can customize and set up this ransomware and in the end save it in the preferred format. This malicious file then can be spread over the net via spam e-mails, adware applications, or fake installers. Most ransomware programs are in fact spread in spam mails; therefore, it is essential that you be aware of this and keep that in mind whenever you are browsing your inbox. Do not expect that you will necessarily spot a spam. Cyber criminals are quite resourceful when it comes to fooling unsuspecting users. It is possible that the sender of such a mail appears to be totally reputable or familiar. The subject could be anything that gets your attention right away, such as “mail delivery error,” “credit card not charged,” “wrong credit card number,” and “unpaid invoice.” Do you think you could resist the temptation to open such a mail, not to mention download and open the attached file? Because most of the time it is actually the attachment that initiates the attack once it is run by the victim.

It is also possible that you click on corrupt third-party ads that could drop this malicious file onto your system. Or, you can also end up on a fake file-sharing website where you want to download a free program and, instead, you install this ransomware. Hopefully, you see now how seriously you should take every single click you make online while browsing the web because it could be a question of a clean and secure or an infected and destroyed computer. If you let this vicious program on board, you will have no other choice really but to delete Stampado Ransomware.

This infection uses the most frequently applied encryption method called AES-256 to encrypt your files, which is a built-in Windows algorithm and therefore a very fast one, too. All your archives, pictures, documents, and programs will be encrypted and get a new extension (“.locked”). You can try to rename your files but it is useless really. You will not be able to open or run the encrypted files again unless you get hold of the decryption key. Once the damage is done, you will be shown a ransom note that claims that all your files have been encrypted and only these criminals behind the attack can decrypt them in the whole world. Well, this could be true for now since you cannot find any recovery tools yet for sure. You are supposed to contact the criminals through a given e-mail, which will be different for all variants. Even the ransom amount could be different and customizable. Our experience show, though, that criminals usually ask for 0.1 to 1 Bitcoin and include instructions for the payment in the reply they send. You have four days to comply with the demands; otherwise, you will lose all your files. To make you rush with the payment, the developers of Stampado Ransomware also implemented a sort of Russian roulette type of file deletion. This means that every six hours this infection permanently removes a random file from your hard disk.

Although it seems that this malware has the capability to decrypt your files, it could be up to the individual cyber criminals behind each version if they keep their promise or fail to do so. We must also mention the possibility of a technical failure that could result in your losing the decryption key even if you transfer the money. This can often happen when the Command and Control server gets shut down and thus lose connection with the malicious program. You should definitely consider these before deciding to pay. If you are a security-minded person, it is possible that you have a backup copy of your most important files that you can easily copy back to your hard drive. Do not rush with this, though, because first, you should remove Stampado Ransomware from your system.

It is difficult to say how you can completely delete this ransomware since there are no working samples on the web right now. But we are sure that they will emerge shortly. However, for the time being we can offer you our guide below describing how you could try to get rid of the infection itself. Please follow these steps to eliminate Stampado Ransomware. Once this dangerous infection hits the web, we are certain that anti-malware applications, such as SpyHunter, will catch up and provide detection for it. Therefore, we advise you to download and install an up-to-date security tool as soon as possible so that you can automatically protect your precious files and keep your computer clean.

Remove Stampado Ransomware from Windows

  1. Tap Win+E to launch Windows File Explorer.
  2. Find the malicious file you downloaded and bin it.
  3. Empty your Recycle Bin.
  4. Reboot your system.
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