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Danger level 7
Type: Adware
Common infection symptoms:
  • Annoying Pop-up's
  • Shows commercial adverts


Gameszing.com represents all kinds of online games, and one of the categories is “Fun Pass.” Unlike with other categories, you need GamesZing to play them. This application is compatible with the Windows operating system, and it is automatically downloaded when you try playing the Fun Pass games. Although the app is downloaded without a warning, you need to launch the installer yourself. Have you found this suspicious program traveling in a different manner? Whatever the case, you have to think carefully about what you should do about it. Our research team advises removing GamesZing. Of course, you do not need to take any recommendations without a reason. We have created this report to explain to you why the removal of this adware is important, but if you want to get to it right away, you can find the guide at the bottom of this report.

GamesZing is identical to TapBreaker, and it is likely that a number of similar ad-supported programs exist. These programs should work as game managers, but, in reality, they were created to inject third-party ads. The information on the official website (the “About Us” section) informs that GamesZing shows advertisements in return for free access to various online games. It is also suggested that the ads –which include in-text, pop-up, and shopping banner ads – injected by this program should always show up with a brand tag. This means that every single ad injected by this adware should be very easy to identify. The advertisements associated with this app might show up before the game is loaded, but they could randomly pop-up at any point. Needless to say, it might be irritating to see pop-ups when you play the games, but this is what you sign up for when you install the suspicious ad-supported program.

The advertisements injected by GamesZing are meant to bring in profit, and this can be done only by setting up a partnership with third-party advertisers or product/service developers. Do you think reliable parties would use the services of this suspicious advertising-supported program? Well, it is possible that the cost for promoting with GamesZing is low; however, it is unlikely that trusted parties would get involved with this app. This means that the program might be associated with unknown, unfamiliar, and unpredictable parties. After all, we are not provided with the information on the parties advertising via this adware, which makes them a complete mystery. In one of the scenarios, a schemer uses this ad-supported program to learn more about you (information about you is collected by tracking cookies) and design ads that camouflage scams. While we do not claim that every computer user running this adware will face the same risks, we warn you that this app is very unpredictable and unstable.

If GamesZing was installed via a software bundle, it is imperative that you thoroughly inspect your operating system to find if it is clean from other malware. Surely, a trusted malware scanner will detect the ad-supported program as a potential threat, but this action is focused on the detection of other threats. Hopefully, they do not exist, but if they do, removing them is also important. Use our database (enter the name of the infection you are interested in into the search box) to look for the removal guides that will help you erase unwanted programs. Of course, if there are many different threats, and if some of them are extremely complicated, manual removal is not your best option.

Are you confident about your malware removal skills? GamesZing is not a serious threat; it is an ad-supported program and a simple one at that. So, you should face no trouble when it comes to the elimination of this app. Now, we cannot guarantee that you will not face problems when the time comes to erase all other active threats. Have you considered using automated malware removal software? For example, anti-malware software offers a double benefit: It erases malicious programs and guarantees full-time protection. Of course, we recommend going with this option, but if you think you can handle it all – including the protection of your PC – by yourself, go ahead and start with the guide below.

GamesZing Removal

  1. Launch Explorer by tapping Win+E keys on the keyboard.
  2. Into the address bar at the top enter %LOCALAPPDATA% (%UserProfile%\Local Settings\Application Data\ if you operate on Windows XP).
  3. Delete the folder called GamesZing.
  4. Launch RUN by tapping Win+R keys on your keyboard.
  5. Type regedit.exe into the dialog box and click OK to access the Registry Editor menu.
  6. Move to HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\.
  7. Delete the key called GamesZing.
  8. Delete the shortcuts representing this adware from the Desktop.
  9. Restart your operating system.
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