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Danger level 7
Type: Browser Hijackers
Common infection symptoms:
  • Hijacks homepage
  • Changes default search engine


Search.funtabsafesearch.com is a search engine that you will see set in the place of your homepage and search engine if FunTabSafe manages to enter your computer, or you have download it yourself from any of its sources, i.e. its official website funtabsafe.com or the Chrome Web Store (chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/funtabsafe/pdhcaongcmcneibmkdmikplbgjmdmfnh). We suspect that there are hundreds of users who have this piece of software installed because there are 38 094 users who have downloaded the extension from the Chrome Web Store only. It has been noticed that the extension promoting Search.funtabsafesearch.com is the most prevalent in Pakistan and Algeria; however, you should know that the situation might change very quickly, so you have to be careful all the time. If you have already detected the FunTabSafe extension installed on the computer, you should know that you need to eliminate it as soon as possible in order to be able to set another homepage and search provider. If you have never erased the Chrome extension before, you might find it difficult to do that. Therefore, we have decided to talk about that in a more detailed way in this report. Read the entire article carefully.

Researchers at pcthreat.com have managed to reveal that Search.funtabsafesearch.com, which is promoted by the FunTabSafe extension, does not differ from other search engines that are known to be unreliable, e.g. search.yourmapscenter.com, search.yourclassifiedscenter.com, and search.yourpackagesnow.com. Yes, you will find buttons leading to security tools and other popular websites on its main page; however, it might be dangerous to use these search tools and install them on the system because they are known to be untrustworthy. We hope that you have understood that Search.funtabsafesearch.com is definitely not going to enhance your browsing experience. In fact, specialists suggest that you remove the FunTabSafe extension not only because it is not as useful as it claims to be, but also because it might cause harm to computers very quickly. It should not do anything bad to you if you do not use its search box; however, many users do not know that it is dangerous to do that and thus use the search engine to find the information on the web. To be honest, it is hard to say that Search.funtabsafesearch.com is an untrustworthy search engine because it looks like an ordinary search tool at first glance. Therefore, there are so many users who decide not to eliminate the search engine. It is really up to you what to do with Search.funtabsafesearch.com; however, you should know that you risk ending up on a bad website and thus infecting your PC with malware by keeping the FunTabSafe extension installed and using its search engine.

The browser extension promoting Search.funtabsafesearch.com works on Google Chrome only, which means that you will see it on this browser only. As you already know, many users download the extension from the Chrome Web Store or its official website. Of course, the FunTabSafe extension might sneak onto computers without permission as well. According to researchers at pcthreat.com, this piece of software might travel in software bundles as well and, as a result, enter your computer rather secretly. As there are so many untrustworthy extensions these days, install a security tool to ensure the system’s safety. If you do not want to make a mistake and thus install a trustworthy security tool, you should download SpyHunter from our website. After you upgrade it, it will protect your PC from all kinds of threats that are extremely prevalent on the web these days.

Even though Search.funtabsafesearch.com looks like a trustworthy search engine at first glance, you need to eliminate this search provider from all your browsers as soon as possible. Fortunately, you will not see it anymore if you remove the FunTabSafe extension that promotes it. You can either do that manually or automatically. If you decide to erase it in a manual way, we suggest that you use our manual removal instructions. In case you are planning on deleting this piece of software automatically, you will have to acquire the trustworthy scanner first. Then, you will have to launch it. We suggest that you use an automatic tool also if you want to take care of other threats that might be hiding on the system because an automatic scanner will not only delete Search.funtabsafesearch.com for you, but will also clean the system.

Delete Search.funtabsafesearch.com

Google Chrome

  1. Open your browser and tap Alt+F.
  2. Select More Tools and then open Extensions.
  3. Find the extension you wish to remove from your PC.
  4. Right-click on it.
  5. Click on the trash button.
  6. Click Remove.
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