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eTogether is browser extension that has two versions which have slight differences when it comes to functionality. Regardless, you might want to remove both of them because of their unreliable nature. While testing this program, we have found that both versions modify Google Chrome by hijacking its homepage, new tab page, and search provider settings. However, the official narrative is that this application’s purpose is to help you find your significant other by providing you easy access to an online dating website. We are of the opinion that the online dating thing is a secondary feature while advertisements presented via its search engine are the reason for this program’s existence.

eTogether is not an integral part of the dating website at Etogether.com. While it is not necessary to access the site’s functions, its developers put a huge emphasis on it. You can download both versions from this website from the Extension subpage. This extension is compatible with Google Chrome only, and you can get two version of it. The first one is called eTogether Start, and the other is eTogether Search. As mentioned, they have slight differences, but the overall concept behind them is the same because their purpose is to generate advertising revenue. As far as this program’s alternative distribution methods go, we have found that you can get it from the Chrome Web Store. Indeed, this store actually hosts its download, which means that it is not malicious per se, but you should be cautious of its promoted content.

Etogether.com is a dating website based on a platform by Dating Factory (Datingfactory.com,) which is a legitimate enterprise. We have no doubt that the dating website is legitimate, but we are concerned with its promoted browser extension. This extension’s website states that “eTogether Start is a new Chrome extension for a quick dating click-and-match experience, for free” and “With eTogether Search extension, you can search the web for love, thousands of single ladies & men.” These claims are just laughable because you do not have to get this extension to search the web for the things stated above. This is just a marketing trick to get you to accept its rather questionable search engine.

Now, it must be said that this browser extension is set to replace the homepage, new tab page, and search provider to a search engine called Searchalgo.com. We want to inform you that this search engine is featured on many shady applications that include goMovix, Goamuze, Musix, WowMusic, and a few others. We think that these programs and eTogether come from the same developer, so it is unsurprising that they chose to feature Searchalgo.com as the search engine replacement.

We are for deleting this browser extension because Searchalgo.com has been configured to include promotional links in its search results. Not only that but it redirects the search queries to Yahoo.com which is a legitimate search engine, but one that is often exploited by shady advertisers. We think that Searchalgo.com might promote questionable websites that could compromise your computer’s security. For example, it might promote phishing sites that try to get personal information from you, such as names, logins, and passwords. As well as fake online shopping websites that seek to scam you. Therefore, you should not install eTogether and delete it if you already have.

Our research has revealed that this extension is getting popular in countries, such as India, Pakistan, United States, Algeria, and Saudi Arabia. It has more than 20, 000 users worldwide and this number is growing rapidly. Etogether.com has a Facebook fan page with only four fans. Therefore, we assume that most people install this extension without having a particular interest in the dating website. Perhaps they install it accidentally and do not know how to get rid of it. Therefore, we have prepared a removal guide that will help users to get rid of this extension.

How to remove this extension from Google Chrome

  1. Press the Alt+F keys.
  2. Select More tools and click Extensions.
  3. Find the extension and click Remove.
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