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KMSPico is a widely used Microsoft Windows and Office activator made by the developers known as TeamDaz. This activator is used to trick Windows and its related product Office that it has the correct activation key. Thus, people can use this software for free indefinitely. We do not endorse or condone the use of pirated software, but it must be said that this activator used to be safe and gave users what they expected. We say “used to be” because since its popularity has skyrocketed, shady third parties have been establishing websites and bundling it with all kinds of malicious software. Thus, some modified versions of KMSPico can jeopardize your computer’s security and you should be exercise caution when downloading it.

Users have many questions regarding the validity of KMSPico and, truth be told, nobody can blame them since this activation tool is often detected by many anti-virus and anti-malware programs as a security threat. If you have the “legitimate” version, then rest assured that it is a false positive detection because to activate Windows or Office (or both) this application needs to tamper with some system files and registry keys. This particular activation tool activates Windows by passing off the localhost as a different IP. As a result, you might see changes to your system’s firewall log. It must be noted that the KMS activation method lasts for 180 days after which Windows will ask you to activate it. Therefore, KMSPico creates an activation service that runs it twice a day to reset the 180 day counter. For this reactivation method to work this activator is installed and is run as an executable in the system’s background to ensure that Windows remains activated.

However, you can remove it at any time and the 180 day counter will start counting the days till you need to activate Windows. Also, this activator has a portable version that only activates Windows without installing its executable. In this case, you will also have to reactivate the OS in 180 days. So due to the nature of this activation tool that has been created to enable you to use Windows and Office free of charge, certain anti-virus and anti-malware tools might detect its executable as malicious. However, we want to stress that because this activator is so popular, certain entities have taken it upon themselves to bundle it with malicious software and put it up for download on various websites. Some even create fake download websites dedicated to KMSPico. So let us take a closer look at this phenomenon.

Malware developers make use of this activator’s popularity and bundle it with malware. To our knowledge, this activator is often bundled with browser hijackers such as isearch.omiga-plus.com and potentially unwanted programs such as Search Protect. Nevertheless, it can come with all kinds of malware, adware, and browser hijackers. We want to inform you that all of this program’s so-called official websites are fake. So if you want to get KMSPico and you search for it online and get results such as Kms10{.}com, kmspi{.}co, Download.kmspicofinal{.}com, Free.appnee{.}com/v10-2-0-kmspico, then do not trust them. This activation software’s only official website is at the forums.mydigitallife{.}info. Therefore, if you see any “official” websites, then be advised that they have been set up by third parties, and the chances are that the installer will be packaged with additional software which can be adware or other malware.

Again, we do not endorse KMSPico, but it must be said that the original version should work in most cases. Some security applications might detect it as a false positive, but that might not always be the case. We have learned that this activator is now a favorite among malware developers since there is a great demand for this activator, so they bundle it with malware and upload it to fake distribution websites. Watch out for archived installers as they might contain Trojans or other malicious software. In closing, you should consider purchasing legitimate software, so you do not have to look for shady activation tools.

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