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Danger level 7
Type: Browser Hijackers
Common infection symptoms:
  • Hijacks homepage
  • Changes default search engine

If you open your Chrome browser, and your default homepage is set to, then congratulations, you have unwanted and potentially dangerous software on your computer. Naturally, that is not a thing we should congratulate you for, but at least with such an obvious manifestation it is clear what is wrong, and you can easily remove from your system. Our researchers categorize this program as a search engine, and it means that it can be used by some other program to gather information about your web browsing habits. This means that you definitely need to scan your computer with a security tool of your choice because you might be swarmed with a number of potential threats.

Some users may think that is a useful program that can help them search the web better. The engine has a neat-looking website. It is very minimalistic, but sometimes it is enough to make it seem that the program really means it. Unfortunately, we cannot really say the same about this engine because it does not provide any useful information about how it is being distributed or what it really aims for. If we check the “About Us” section on the main website, we find the following notice:

Zingload Team is proud to have zingload present in eight countries. Founded in 2014 it has served as benchmark in this industry.

Zingload aims to provide it’s users with a friendly and easy navigation experience by having a range of services including but not limited to top social networks, shopping sites, a variety of entertainment channels and a unique web search engine.

That sounds quite promising, does it not? However, we strongly doubt this company (registered as HICHINA ZHICHEN TECHNOLOGY LTD.) lives up to its promises. They may leave you with an office address and an email for inquiries, but searching the address we have found that it is actually the headquarters of Adekom Kompressoren in Hong Kong, and this is a company that deals in air compressors. There’s definitely nothing in common between air compressors and search engines, so it is quite fishy as to why a reputable company would use someone else’s address unless it is fake!

The search engine itself is hosted on the IP address, and its location is in New Jersey – Newark. That also does not mean that the creators of the engine are based in the United States: they may only be using the service provider in the country. What’s more, we have noticed similar behavioral patterns before, and we can tell that is similar to, which is yet another unwanted search engine, commonly considered a browser hijacker.

A browser hijacker is a malicious infection that modifies your browser settings without your permission. You may say that is exactly like that because you did not authorize your browser settings changes. However, there is something about the way this search engine is distributed that does not allow us to name it a browser hijacker.

You may say that you do not remember installing this program, but you most probably did. and other similar pieces of software are quite often distributed bundled in packages with other freeware. You have to remember that each time you download something from file sharing websites. Third-party installers in such websites quite often carry a number of programs, and users tend to install them when they do not check the setup wizard’s steps carefully. Hence, the chances are that you were the one to add this search engine to your browser, too.

Needless to say, is not an extremely malicious infection, and there is no need to panic about it. At the same time, you should not ignore it either because you can never know what might happen if it gets exploited by malevolent third parties. If you are not careful, you could be exposed or redirected to dangerous websites that promote malware. Your personal information might be leaked and used for online marketing purposes. Worse, you could be flooded with annoying pop-ups that do not allow you browse the web properly.

All things considered, there is no use of this search engine, and it can only lead to various unwanted consequences. Thus, remove right now by deleting the plug-in from your browser, and then scan your PC with the SpyHunter free scanner. As mentioned, you are bound to have more unwanted programs running, so you must terminate them too.

How to Remove

  1. Launch Google Chrome.
  2. Press Alt+F and go to More tools.
  3. Open Extensions and remove the unwanted plug-in.
  4. Restart your browser for the changes to take effect.
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