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Danger level 7
Type: Adware
Common infection symptoms:
  • Annoying Pop-up's
  • Shows commercial adverts
  • Connects to the internet without permission


If you are about to install a program for managing your finances, you should make sure that it is not SecretCreditCard before you do that because this program is completely unreliable and might quickly cause you all kinds of problems. To be more specific, SecretCreditCard is known to be an advertising-supported application (adware) for its ability to display various offers and redirect users to other web pages in order to increase their traffic. It is definitely a bad decision to keep an adware program installed on the system. We will explain to you why it is so in this article. Specialists at pcthreat.com also promise to help users to delete this unwanted program from their systems.

SecretCreditCard is mainly targeted at users living in the USA; however, people who surf the web on a daily basis and download many programs from different sources might also install this adware on their systems. If you see the icon of this program on the Desktop and its folder is present in the Start menu, there is no doubt that this program is installed on your computer. Unfortunately, there is no use of it. If you double-click on its shortcut with an intention of launching it, you will immediately notice a window with the SecretCreditCard logo at the top. This window is not the interface of this advertising-supported application. Actually, there are different web pages (e.g. beachsidecredit.com/luxury/new/index.php?AffID=305387&SubID=SRC%3a% and mylegalassists.com/bankruptcy/short/new/index.php?AffID=305387&SubID=SRC%3a%3a&) opened in it, which means that the program does not even have its own interface. As you have probably already understood, SecretCreditCard is not going to help you manage your finances, and it is not likely at all that it will provide users with “great credit card deals” as it promises on its official website secretcreditcard.com.

Specialists say that SecretCreditCard adware will not only cause redirections to other web pages, but might also display offers on the screen. You might be offered to take a survey, play casino, visit different websites, and even download software. It might be detrimental to click on these offers because you might be redirected to third-party web pages that promote malicious software or contain links leading to other third-party web pages with an infectious content. Moreover, it has also been observed that this adware is going to collect information about users. There are two types of information SecretCreditCard is going to record:

  • Information a user actively chooses to provide
  • Passive information collected automatically by servers or obtained from third parties

The fact that adware collects these two types of information means that the administrator will know everything about your activities on the web, and it will know your name, email, address, phone number, and birth date, if you provide these details yourself. It is also very likely that the collected information will be sent to third parties. There is a possibility that third parties will not treat this data with respect and you will experience privacy-related problems.

SecretCreditCard is usually spread in InstallCore installers bundled with other applications. The list of applications might change depending on the user’s location; however, specialists have observed that this adware usually comes together with other adware programs (e.g. Search Know), browser hijackers (Yoursearching.com and Sweet-page.com), and potentially unwanted programs (MyPCBackup and System Healer). If you suspect that SecretCreditCard has slithered onto your computer without permission as well, scan your system with a diagnostic tool to find out all other unreliable programs installed. If they are really there, get rid of them all as soon as possible. As there are so many threats that can sneak onto the computer without permission, we suggest installing a security tool and always keep it there.

Advertising-supported applications are not extremely dangerous, so the majority of them can be deleted from the Control Panel. SecretCreditCard is no exception; however, if you still find the removal process difficult, you should use our manual removal instructions or go for the automatic SecretCreditCard removal. In order to do that, you will have to acquire an automatic malware remover first and then scan the system. We suggest using SpyHunter if you want to be sure that your scanner is 100% trustworthy. If you are going to use another tool, make sure that it is not downloaded from a file-sharing, torrent, or another questionable third-party web page.

Delete SecretCreditCard

Windows XP

  1. Click the Start button.
  2. Select Control Panel.
  3. Click Add or Remove Programs and locate the untrustworthy software.
  4. Select it and click Remove.

Windows 7 and Vista

  1. Open the Start menu.
  2. Select Control Panel and click Uninstall a program.
  3. Right-click on SecretCreditCard.
  4. Click Uninstall.

Windows 8/8.1/10

  1. Launch RUN.
  2. Enter Control Panel and tap Enter.
  3. Click Uninstall a program.
  4. Right-click on SecretCreditCard and select Uninstall.
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