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Danger level 7
Type: Adware
Common infection symptoms:
  • Strange toolbar installed without Your permission

Alot Toolbar

Alot Toolbar is an adware program, which is classified as partially malicious browser add-on. It pretends to be a useful search-related tool, which can give you an instant access to search results about your favorite topic, but at the same time, having stuck to your browser, Alot Toolbar generates a mass of undesirable advertisements popping up on your screen. This add-on also changes your homepage.

With this it is possible to infer that Alot Toolbar is able to commit other bad things as well. For example, it can redirect you to websites of malicious content, where you will be exposed to a risk of being infected by a dangerous computer threat. If its not for the websites, then you will be flooded with advertisements, which will urge you to visit the sites. So having Alot Toolbar installed can lead you to various other infections, which at the very end can leave you penniless with permanently damaged computer.

Therefore you should not believe that it is a friendly search engine toolbar application. Alot Toolbar is there only to reap profits when you browse the Internet. It meddles with your browsing habits, because it wants to increase traffic to certain websites. The hardest thing about Alot Toolbar is that it is very hard to remove from your computer. Manual removal is recommended only if you are an IT professional. It is better to choose an automatic malware removal program, which lists Alot Toolbar as a malicious application, and then remove Alot Toolbar automatically.

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How to manually remove Alot Toolbar

Files associated with Alot Toolbar infection:


Alot Toolbar DLL's to remove:


Alot Toolbar processes to kill:


Remove Alot Toolbar registry entries:

Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Toolbar\{5AA2BA46-9913-4dc7-9620-69AB0FA17AE7}


  1. Pcthreat Jun 25, 2009

    Dear users, is in no way associated, affiliated or owned by the creators of Alot Toolbar.
    Our main goal is to inform our users on how to detect and remove Alot Toolbar with SpyHunter

  2. Tony Aug 18, 2009

    The fuzzy grey loophole in the law that lets them get away with doing this needs closing urgentley, and then welding over with 6 inch armour plating.

  3. Voice of Treason Sep 30, 2009

    This site doesn't distribute the toolbar, you ***** idiots. It contains information designed to help advanced users remove it.

    The sad part is that you people had to scroll past a block that clearly states that this site isn't affiliated with the creators of the adware to post your drivel.

  4. Greg Jan 15, 2010

    Can't find those registry entries

  5. James Apr 22, 2010

    Its Rubbish it makes things so much more difficult to find on you tube etc. WARNING don't install

  6. Lynn Fisher May 18, 2010

    slows down site acess considerably. causes a problem direct acess to Gmail without using a p*****word which I was always able to do before. thought it was a "cool acessory" that would make my computer even better.

  7. joe blow May 25, 2010

    i think it,s junk

  8. KILL ALOT Jun 10, 2010

    Seriously, alot is malware. I tried to get rid of it several times already. It infected the computer by using an Open-Source program as a trojan. Later, it redirected a search to trick a user into entering sensitive information on a website that falsely pretended to be a state government website. Please, police, FBI, and others, look into the alot toolbar.

  9. NeonCameleonDesigns Inc Jun 11, 2010

    i did a scan and had over 448 issues im so gald i found your site thank tou for providing the heelp that so manyif us needded. im very greatful

  10. diane Sep 24, 2010

    TO REMOVE - go to tools - then add on click on alot - then click on unintall - it will remove it immediately - great!!

  11. dale walton Nov 10, 2010

    i only wanted lyrics to a song and then i end up with this crappy toolbar that interupts me just as i go onto my website

  12. Eoin Dec 21, 2010

    I work for a broadband company and help loads of people uninstall this toolbar. The directions on this page are precise and work 99% of the time. If you cant remove it then you have various other toolbars installed that may need to be removed first.
    Tbh the problem is not the toolbar but what sits between chair and screen rofl!

  13. arturo Jan 12, 2011

    qiuero regresar a donde estaba

  14. psrao Feb 28, 2011

    it is waste tool bar

  15. imran Mar 9, 2011

    crap toolbar, want rid off asap

  16. Sandra Fisher Aug 16, 2011

    Downloaded by accident

  17. DAVID Aug 27, 2011


  18. satya narayan mishra Sep 20, 2011

    without knowing anything about toolbar downloaded accidentaly

  19. Bessie Nov 2, 2011

    I hate the ALOT tool bar and I want it off my computer, I did not ask for it....

  20. no name Mar 22, 2012

    i have alot on my toolbar i need it to be delete thanks
    are tell me how to do it

  21. mpume Mar 25, 2012

    am strugling to remove Alot from my pc

  22. Pcthreat Mar 27, 2012


    Try downloading and running our offered removal tool

  23. amanda howatt Jun 8, 2012

    please help me delete alot toolbar NOW

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