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Type: Potentially Unwanted Application


FixPCOptimizer only makes an impression of a powerful optimizer tool, but, in reality, the free version crashes all the time, so we doubt it could “tune your computer in a single click.” There is also a paid version that costs almost twenty dollars, but there is no guarantee that it will perform what it promises too. It is your choice if you want to risk wasting your money, although we would advise you to invest in more trustworthy software, which was developed by well-known and reliable publishers. There is also a chance that while using the application you could reveal your sensitive information. Therefore, it would be wiser to remove the program from your PC, and you can do it with our provided instructions, which are below the text.

Our researchers at pcthreat.com have classified the software as a potentially unwanted program (PUP). This category is for the programs that users agree to install, but later they want to delete them because of unwanted behavior. What's more, we found out that the application has a few older clones, such as AllPCOptimizer, RobustCleaner, OnePCOptimize, etc. PC optimizers like these usually have their official websites, which advertise these tools and often exaggerate the number of functions these programs have. In this case, FixPCOptimizer is promoted on fixpcoptimizer.com, but the website is not for advertising only because it allows you to download the free version or get a paid one.

As you read about all the abilities this tool has, it might seem that the price is not very high for a powerful optimizer like this one. However, as we said, the functions in the description might differ from the ones in reality. What makes us think like this is the fact that the software often fails to perform the scan. Afterward, it shows a false alert, which informs about troubles with your PC and asks to update your version or call the Support with the given number (1-800-311-5936). If you click on “Update now” it should display a text in red letters, which claims that your computer is infected with some Trojan, e.g. KoobFace. This fictitious message cannot be closed too, so it is rather annoying. Our researchers think that it could be an attempt of Phishing, a technique that could make you reveal your sensitive information. For example, if you called this number the people who answer might ask questions like a real support member would do, but it could also try to get some personal information about you, which may be used in further attempts to get sensitive data, e.g. related to your banking account.

Furthermore, you could have downloaded the program by yourself, but PUPs such as FixPCOptimizer could be spread bundled with other software too. Often bundled applications manage to enter systems because users do not pay attention while installing them. Most of the programs contain various suggestions in their installers nowadays, and you can choose to deselect them. However, as you click “accept” or other setup wizard’s buttons without reading the terms, they slip in without you noticing anything. It is better to spend a few moments reading such information then allow unwanted software to settle on your computer. Also, as you launch the FixPCOptimizer Install Shield Wizard, you can see that the presented developers are the Fix PC Optimizer, Inc., but there is no information on the Internet about this company, so it does not seem like a reliable publisher.

After FixPCOptimizer is installed it creates a folder in the Program Files or Program Files (86) directory, but the folder might be titled as WinPCOptimizer. The files inside have names similar to FixPCOptimizer, although they do not have a Digital Signature, which would prove their authenticity. The fictitious alert message is placed in the ProgramData location under the DataFile folder. If you want to get rid of the application completely, you should eliminate the PUP’s created files from all of these directories manually. You can use the step by step instructions available below the article, or you can delete it automatically with a reliable antimalware too. Do not hesitate to reach us via social media, if you have any questions or need some help with the removal.

Remove FixPCOptimizer

  1. Open the Explorer window.
  2. Copy and insert %PROGRAMFILES(x86)%\FixPCOptimizer or %PROGRAMFILES(x86)%\FixPCOptimizer into Explorer.
  3. Mark FixPCOptimizer folder and right-click on it to Delete.
  4. Go to: %allusersprofile%\DataFile
  5. Locate file related to FixPCOptimizer and right-click to Delete it.
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