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Danger level 8
Type: Rogue Anti-Spyware

Antispyware Suite

With all the sophistication and design invested in the development of rogue security tools, it has become increasingly more difficult for even experienced users to distinguish between genuine security tools, and fake rogue applications like Antispyware Suite. This rogue originates from the same family of rogue security tools as TrustedProtection and TrustedAntivirus. This rogue will of course try its hardest to come across as a genuine security tool, but in reality Antispyware Suite is nothing more than a seditious rogue application.

The most frequent way Antispyware Suite manages to infect its victims’ PCs is by using browser hijackers who employs drive-by download tactics. Of late it has been reported that Antispyware Suite also uses flash online ads and bogus online malware scanners to deposit the Antispyware Suite infection into the PC by exploiting browser and system susceptibilities.

Antispyware Suite will remain hidden in the system until such time that it is ready to start its attack. This will happen by Antispyware Suite editing the following registry entries so that it automatically executes each time Windows starts up:


It will then launch a fake system scanner, which will falsely inform the user that his system is under attack. These results are all phony and should be ignored.

Users infected with Antispyware Suite have also reported of other annoying and crippling symptoms associated with this rogue. These include incessant and obnoxious fake security alerts in the form of pop up messages harassing users into paying for Antispyware Suite’s fake software, blocked Internet connections and the inability to launch any executable on the system. Others reported increased erratic system behavior and poor system performance due to the high consumption of valuable system resources by Antispyware Suite.

In order to successfully remove Antispyware Suite you will first need to kill its main process: ga6psetup.exe. This will allow you to proceed with the removal process to permanently get rid of Antispyware Suite, and restore your PC’s security.

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How to manually remove Antispyware Suite

Files associated with Antispyware Suite infection:

Uninstall AntiSpywareSuite.lnk

Antispyware Suite DLL's to remove:


Antispyware Suite processes to kill:


Remove Antispyware Suite registry entries:

Antispyware Soldier_is1


  1. Jackie Jan 23, 2008

    you forgot to mention that AntiSpywareSuite is a clone of several rogue tools including TrustedProtection and TrustedAntivirus. here' antispyware suite removal.

  2. pojikooo Apr 3, 2008

    think so mush

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