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Danger level 3
Type: Potentially Unwanted Application
Common infection symptoms:
  • Hijacks homepage
  • Can't be uninstalled via Control Panel
  • Changes default search engine

Video Search Tools Plus

Video Search Tools Plus is a potentially unwanted program that computer users install in the hopes of enhancing their web browsing experience. Some users download this PUP packaged with third-party software; for example, Messenger Plus toolbars. If that is the case, you might install it by accident, and you might install it with other programs that require removal. It is also possible to download this program from its official download page, videosearchtoolsplus.com, or the Chrome web store. Regardless of how this PUP was installed onto your Chrome browser, we recommend deleting it. Read this report to learn how to remove Video Search Tools Plus.

When installing Video Search Tools Plus, you should be informed that this Chrome add-on can “read and change all your data on the websites you visit,” manage your applications, record your browsing history, and modify the search tools. Funny thing is that videosearchtoolsplus.com is introduced as the search tool replacing your regular search results. Instead of having your search provider and new tab changed to this download page, you will see Plusnetwork.com. Video Search Tools Plus manages to reconfigure the settings so that the new tab becomes your start page, which is done without permission. This is one of the reasons to delete this browser extension.

Plusnetwork.com is not a reliable search provider, primarily because it shows banner ads on its home page and injects ads into the search results provided to you. According to our researchers, this website promotes the services of Messenger Plus. Although we do not identify this software as malicious, we do not recommend installing it either. Although you will not be able to use the services of Video Search Tools Plus if you delete Plusnetwork.com – as this PUP will lose its platform – removal is exactly what we recommend. The ads shown to you could be extremely unreliable, and clicking on them could put you at risk, which is why it is best to remove Video Search Tools Plus along with Plusnetwork.com.

According to our researchers, you do not need to worry about the removal of unreliable search tools. If you delete Video Search Tools Plus extension directly from Chrome, your regular search tools will be restored. In fact, even if you try to modify the search tools, you will be informed that they are controlled by Video Search Tools Plus, which means that you will not be able to replace them unless you remove the PUP itself. This is good news because the removal of this PUP is very straightforward.

As soon as you delete Video Search Tools Plus from Chrome, you must implement an authentic, trustworthy malware scanner. If you have downloaded this PUP packaged with third-party programs, you need a scanner to help you figure whether or not they require removal as well. Even if you installed Video Search Tools Plus as a standalone application, your operating system could have been infected before that. If you do not use full-time security software to protect your Windows operating system, you will have to worry about potential security attacks and malware at all times.

Video Search Tools Plus Removal

  1. Launch Google Chrome.
  2. Simultaneously tap Alt+F.
  3. Select More tools.
  4. Click Extensions.
  5. Find the unwanted extension.
  6. Click the trash bin button.
  7. Select Remove.
  8. Restart your browser.
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