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CryptPKO Ransomware

CryptPKO Ransomware might be another variation of the CTB-Locker ransomware infection that has been causing headaches to a lot of computer users worldwide. This dangerous infection blocks you from accessing your files and then demands that you may the ransom fee in order to decrypt them. Computer security experts say that paying the money is not an option, and while removing CryptPKO Ransomware might not help much in this case, you should still do everything in your power to get rid of this malicious program. Restoring your files and your system to the previous state might be another problem, but as of now, you have to make sure that all the dangerous threats are deleted from your PC for good.

You must have gotten infected with CryptPKO Ransomware when a malicious Trojan horse entered your PC. Usually, these ransomware programs get distributed via spam email messages and other social engineering notifications. However, it is highly possible that they might also be hiding in freeware distribution websites, so you have to always be careful about what you download from third-party websites. For all you know, there might be CryptPKO Ransomware in one of those installation setups. It is also known that this ransomware program could be distributed via adult websites and other pages that share insecure videos. Once again, it only proves that you have to be responsible for your own security when you surf the Internet.

The good thing about ransomware applications, however, is that they do not beat around the bush. In other words, once CryptPKO Ransomware enters your computer, you will know that something is not right immediately. The program will encrypt most of your frequently-used files, and then it will create three different files that will contain instructions on how you can decrypt the affected documents. If we were to believe the information provided in the created files, CryptPKO Ransomware requires you to pay around $24 to get the decryption key. The program also gives you 72 hours to pay up; otherwise it says that your files will be gone forever.

If that were not enough, CryptPKO Ransomware also affects your desktop. It displays the message about decryption instead of your wallpaper, making the entire situation seem even more serious. However, you should not panic because panic leads to rash decisions. As mentioned above, paying the money would not guarantee that the people behind CryptPKO Ransomware would issue the decryption key for you. In fact, it is very likely that you would only lose your money, making the cyber criminals rich.

What you have to do is invest in a licensed antispyware tool to remove CryptPKO Ransomware and all the other malware from your system for good. As for your files, you may not be able to restore them even with a professional decryption tool. That is why computer security experts always emphasize the importance of backing up your files in externals disks or could drives. You can never know when you could be infected with the likes of CryptPKO Ransomware or experience an ultimate system crash. Thus, you should be always prepared for the worst. A file backup, a reliable antispyware program, and safe web browsing habits should be enough to keep you on the right track.

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