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Danger level 3
Type: Potentially Unwanted Application


DestrozaVirusUsb is a potentially unwanted program that you might install with other programs or by itself. Even though currently this suspicious program does not have an official download page, there are many computer users who are trying to delete this PUP from their operating systems. Even though it is unlikely that you will be able to uninstall this program via Control Panel, there is a way to remove DestrozaVirusUsb from your Windows operating system.

According to our researchers, DestrozaVirusUsb is supposed to act as a USB antivirus program. This program runs in the background from the system tray, but only if a USB device is connected to your computer. Our malware analysts have found that while DestrozaVirusUsb is not a malicious threat, it is not a reliable security tool either. It is unlikely that this program will help you remove infections or protect your PC from malware attacks, which is why we trust that you should delete DestrozaVirusUsb.

The sample of DestrozaVirusUsb that our malware researchers have tested was very buggy, and this is why most computer users remove it. Once activated, DestrozaVirusUsb immediately launches a controls window. If you try to close this window, the suspicious PUP attempts to create a connection to some web pages, but this fails as these pages are dead. From what our malware analysts can see, this antivirus tool is inactive, which means that there is nothing else to do, but remove it.

Have you installed DestrozaVirusUsb with other programs? If you have, you need to inspect them to find out if they are not malicious. If a reliable scanner detects these programs as security threats, you must delete them without any hesitation. Do not be surprised if a scanner indicates that you need to remove DestrozaVirusUsb as well. Reliable and legitimate malware detection and removal software detect this antivirus as a PUP, which means that its services are not worth your attention.

Even though it is impossible to remove DestrozaVirusUsb from your PC with one click, you can delete this threat by eliminating all of its components. If you do not know how to find and delete DestrozaVirusUsb files, be sure to install an automatic malware removal tool that will complete the task for you. Most users will know how to install an authentic removal tool onto their computers, but if you need assistance, here are the few simple steps that will help you reach success in no time.

DestrozaVirusUsb Removal

  1. Launch the browser and visit .
  2. Follow the instructions to install an automatic malware removal tool.
  3. Initiate a System Scan to detect the malicious programs that require removal.
  4. Click Fix Threats to delete the malicious programs.
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