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Danger level 8
Type: Adware
Common infection symptoms:
  • Annoying Pop-up's
  • Connects to the internet without permission
  • Shows commercial adverts
  • Slow internet connection


Flyswat is an adware program that was detected in February 2007. It is published by Flyswat and it poses a low risk on your system security, but even so you are highly advised to remove Flyswat from your system, because it works as a browser helper object and eventually it can be indirectly responsible for infecting you with other malware.

Essentially, Flyswat creates links from various keywords on Web pages. If you have this adware installed on your computer, chances are that on websites you open most of the keywords will be underlined and if you move your mouse cursor on them, a commercial advertisement will pop up, with an embedded outgoing link to another site. That website may or may not contain information related to a keyword. For example, if a word "race" is underlined, Flyswat might display an advertisement on car race. However, there is no guarantee that Flyswat will not get exploited by a third party to display links to corrupted websites.

Usually Flyswat has to be installed on your computer manually, which means that it does not exercise stealth techniques when it comes to entering the system. However, sometimes user may be tricked into installing Flyswat due to his negligence during freeware installation, because several free software programs are known to come bundled with Flyswat, and if the programs are installed, so is the adware application.

Flyswat is known to function as a BHO on Internet Explorer. It means that this program monitors everything you do on your Internet browser, and it collects information on your browsing history. All the data on your web browsing habits will then be reported to via port 80, and the adware will "know" what kind of commercial ads it should direct at you.

Although the adware servers might be offline right now, it does not mean that the application cannot cause you any harm. If you have this adware on your PC, you need to remove Flyswat immediately. Perform a full system scan with SpyHunter free scanner to check for any possible infections, and then invest in a reliable antimalware program to terminate Flyswat automatically and protect your system from dangerous threats. Do all you can to safeguard your PC from cyber intruders.

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How to manually remove Flyswat

Files associated with Flyswat infection:


Flyswat DLL's to remove:


Remove Flyswat registry entries:

.default\software\microsoft\internet explorer\toolbar\webbrowser\c107f7a0-b489-11d2-b2fe-005004055bfb\
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SOFTWAREClassesCLSID{82B98006-7A56-11d2-A26F-00C04F962769}
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows CurrentVersionExplorerBrowser Helper Objects{82B98006-7A56-11D2-A26f-00C04F962769}
software\microsoft\internet explorer\explorer bars\c107f7a0-b489-11d2-b2fe-005004055bfb\\
software\microsoft\internet explorer\toolbar\c107f7a0-b489-11d2-b2fe-005004055bfb\


  1. Logeswary Dec 2, 2015

    I do not have Office XP or VS .NET 2002 programs on my cepumtor ..but I do have msdds.dll on my cepumtor.However, I did have Office XP on my cepumtor at one time. What should I do.When I did a search for msdds.dll com object, here is what I found.c:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\MSDesigners7This file 832 KB and was installed on March 19, 2003.

  2. Ayo Dec 2, 2015

    What I meant to say, is that I have Office 2003 installed, but not Visual Studio. I still have the dll file

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