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Danger level 8
Type: Trojans
Common infection symptoms:
  • Can't be uninstalled via Control Panel
  • Slow Computer

There are all types of ransomware infections out there, and is a name used to indicate one of them. As you can obviously tell, rather than an actual title, stands for an email address, but this is the keyword users use to search for the information on this infection. They want to know how it would be possible to remove and other malicious programs from their computers. However, the problem is that ransomware programs of this type are not that easy to remove even if you are an experienced computer user.

There are several ways how you could have gotten infected with The ransomware program could have entered your computer when you opened a spam email attachment or some exploit kit. Exploit kits are particular malicious tools that can make use of security holes in various software applications in order to distribute malware. Say, for instance, there is a security hole in Adobe Reader or some website page, a pre-written malicious code will be injected in these security holes, and if you launch the software, you will get infected with in no time. There is no saying when and how this infection might enter your system, so it would be for the best to stay away from unfamiliar websites that are full of random pop-up ads.

When you get infected with, this malicious program encrypts various files extensions, including .doc, .xls, .jpg, and many others. Upon the infection, the program also displays the following message on your screen:

Attention! Your computer was attacked by virus-encoder. All your files are encrypted cryptographically strong, without the original key recovery is impossible!

For an average computer user it is clear that it is impossible to decrypt the affected files unless you have the decryption key. says that you need to send an email to the hackers. The message does not say anything about a ransom fee, but you can be sure to receive instructions on how to send your money to the people behind this infection. We would like to point out that even if you do transfer the ransom fee, there is no guarantee that would issue the decryption key. The primary reason for this malicious program’s existence is money, and that is the main thing the criminals are aiming for.

In order to protect your files from such infection, you need to create a backup in an external hard drive, or a virtual cloud drive. You need to address professionals in order to remove from your computer, but do not forget to acquire a legitimate antispyware program that would help you delete all the malicious infections immediately.

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