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Android Police Virus

The cyber criminal network that has previously released the Reveton Trojan and all the ransomware applications associated with it has something to offer for the mobile device users as well. Android Police Virus is a ransomware infection that affects tablets and smartphones. There is a general misconception that Android operating system and mobile devices, in general, are less susceptible to malware infections, but that is obviously not the case. Especially as Android is one of the most common mobile operating systems in the world. It is only natural that cyber criminals would create the likes of Android Police Virus to venture into the mobile device market as well.

Ransomware infections from this group are distributed via Trojans. Reveton is just one of the few Trojans that are used to spread these malicious programs. As far as Android Police Virus is concerned, this malicious program is distributed through Trojan.Koler.A. The infection gets delivered automatically, once the user accesses a compromised website. Android Police Virus installer is usually hosted on pornography websites. Such web pages are full of fake download buttons, pop-ups and other types of notifications that often contain unreliable content. If a user loads such a page and it offers to download a video player that would provide access to the premium pornography videos, it is only a matter time until he gets infected with Android Police Virus.

The difference between Android Police Virus and the desktop version of the same infection is that users install the malicious application themselves, and the app is added to the list of installed applications. Once users install the malicious app, it launches your web browser and displays the logo of the supposed program. However, at the same time, Android Police Virus connects to multiple domains behind your back to proceed with unleashing the payload. Once the malicious program identifies your location, the ransomware displays a misleading message in the appropriate language. For example, the British version of the Android Police Virus is as follows:

Your phone has been blocked up for safety reasons listed below.
All the actions performed on this phone are fixed.
All your files are encrypted.

Needless to say, Android Police Virus cannot encrypt any of your files because it is not such a powerful infection. What is more, just like all the other ransomware infections from the same nest, Android Police Virus says that you are accused of “viewing/storage and/or dissemination of banned pornography (child pornography/zoophilia/rape, etc.).” Considering that users get infected with this threat through pornography websites, they might really think that they have done something illegal. This panic could easily push users into paying the ransom fee Android Police Virus requires.

However, computer security experts note that paying the ransom is not an option, and Android Police Virus is quite easy to remove from your device, especially if you consider the fact how much trouble the desktop versions have given to computer users worldwide. For the manual Android Police Virus removal instructions, simply scroll to the bottom of this description.

Computer security experts say that Android Police Virus has a very limited functionality, and it could be just a test-run, so that its developers could check whether infecting the Android platforms would be profitable enough. Hence, we should be more careful in the future because an updated version of Android Police Virus could be released any time.

How to Remove Android Police Virus

  1. Press and hold the Power button on your mobile device.
  2. Press and hold the Power off option.
  3. When you see the Reboot in safe mode notification, press OK.
  4. Delete the Android Police Virus application.
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