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Danger level 7
Type: Trojans

Coin Locker

Coin Locker is a malicious ransomware infection that can affect Android mobile operating systems. The infection is also known as Torlocker, and it is mainly spread via spam email attachments. If you open corrupted emails and download the attachments or click the links presented via them, the ransomware could be executed without your notice. If you use reliable malware detection and removal software, the infection will not corrupt your operating system, and you will not need to think about removing Coin Locker.

Our malware researchers have discovered that there isn’t much that Android users can do once Coin Locker attacks their devices. Coin Locker automatically deletes itself as soon as it encrypts your personal files, which means that you cannot just remove the infection to restore your personal files. The clandestine ransomware can encrypt .doc, .txt, .exe, and other types of files with a few exceptions. Coin Locker excludes some browser files and DDL files, so as to make it possible for you to follow directions.

Before removing itself, Coin Locker leaves a text file Coin.Locker.txt. This file is usually found in folders holding the encrypted files, and it is added to startup, so that you would learn that you need to pay a ransom for your personal files right away. Even if you delete Coin Locker file Coin.Locker.txt, you will not be able to access your personal files, like documents and photos. Your personal files are not removed, but there are no guarantees that you will be able to restore them, even if you follow the demands. Here is an excerpt from the message carried by Coin.Locker.txt.

You have been infected with the Coin Locker malware.
All files on this system have been encrypted.
To regain access to your files you will need the Coin Locker decryption software.

Users are suggested that they need to install file decryption software via the untraceable Tor browser. If you follow the demands, you will end up on a web page urging you to pay a ransom, and there is no way to know what the outcome will be. It is possible that you will remove Coin Locker inflicted paralysis, but it is also possible that you will give up your savings for nothing in return. It is risky to trust cyber criminals, which is why we recommend that you use other file-decryption software, and then delete the malware installed on your operating system.

It is possible that Coin Locker has been installed on your operating system with other malicious programs that require removal. If you do not install malware detection and removal software, you will never be safe, and other infections will be able to slither in. If all of your files are backed up, you should just remove Coin Locker affected files, install a legitimate security tool, and keep away from suspicious emails.

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