Danger level 9
Type: Backdoors
Common infection symptoms:
  • Can't be uninstalled via Control Panel
  • Installs itself without permissions
  • Connects to the internet without permission
  • Slow internet connection
  • Slow Computer


Backdoor.Bedep is a serious computer infection that might enter together with CTB Locker (ransomware infection). The infection itself is very harmful and it might cause a number of problems related to your computer’s security. Therefore, it is very important that you delete it as soon as possible. As Backdoor.Bedep is a serious infection, it is not surprising that it is impossible to remove it via Control Panel. Do not worry; we still know what to do and we will explain everything in the article. Therefore, we highly recommend reading it from beginning to end.

There is basically no doubt that Backdoor.Bedep has entered your system without your permission. According to the specialists at pcthreat.com, this infection usually appears on users’ computers if they click on malicious advertisements. It seems that Backdoor.Bedep uses Flash Player exploits to enter your system. Actually, it does not really matter how this infection has managed to enter your system because the most important thing is to delete it as quickly as possible. If you let it stay on your computer, you might end up with a number of undesirable applications because Backdoor.Bedep is mainly used to download malicious software onto a user’s computer. The specialists at pcthreat.com have also found out that it can create a botnet, so we highly recommend deleting this program.

Other backdoor infections might act in a similar manner – they might enter your system without your permission and start performing different activities behind your back. Unfortunately, it is not easy to protect the system from malicious software; however, you can still reduce the possibility to encounter malicious software. The only thing that you have to do is to install an antimalware tool on your computer. We recommend installing the SpyHunter antimalware suite. What’s more, you should be very careful with spam emails and all the ads that you will come across on different websites.

You have to hurry to remove Backdoor.Bedep from your computer because this infection might not only cause harm to your PC, but might also allow other infections to slither onto your it. The manual removal of Backdoor.Bedep is extremely difficult, so we recommend that you delete this infection automatically. SpyHunter will definitely help you to do that. You will simply have to acquire it, install it on the system, and then perform a full system scan. Make sure that you keep this tool enabled in the future. It would be also useful to perform full system scans periodically in order to keep the computer clean.

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