Danger level 7
Type: Other
Common infection symptoms:
  • Changes default search engine
  • Connects to the internet without permission


If you type an address in the URL bar of your Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, tap Enter, and then notice that you are taken to Qozmo.net f0r a second before visiting the page whose address you have entered, there is a possibility that you have different unreliable applications on your computer. All these redirections to Qozmo.net will stop if you detect and eliminate undesirable programs from your computer. It has to be emphasized that it is not very easy to remove malicious software. Therefore, we recommend that you read through this article in order to to find out what to do.

Qozmo.net itself looks like a normal search engine; however, it is not the most reliable search provider because it might provide you with sponsored links. This search provider might also be associated with unreliable programs. Therefore, if it happens that you start noticing redirections to Qozmo.net, you should definitely check the condition of your system. According to the specialists at pcthreat.com, advertising-supported applications might cause these redirections. Of course, other unreliable programs might be responsible for them as well. Keep in mind that unwanted programs might not only cause redirections to Qozmo.net, but also perform other suspicious activities behind your back (e.g. connect to the Internet or collect information about your online habits), so it is very important to delete them all.

If you have not installed any programs recently, it does not mean that there are no unreliable programs on your computer. In most cases, they travel bundled and can enter your system without your permission, so it is very important that you take care of your system's security in advance. The easiest way to do that is to install an antimalware tool on the system. If you do that, you will not experience any redirections similar to Qozmo.net in the future.

In order to stop the annoying redirections to Qozmo.net, you have to delete malware causing them. It might be a very difficult task because some infections might hide deep on the system. Therefore, we recommend that you scan your computer with a powerful automatic scanner. SpyHunter will definitely help you to stop all those redirections, so we recommend that you invest in this malware remover and then perform a full system scan. This tool will also help you to prevent unwanted programs from entering your system in the future, so we believe that it is worth acquiring it.

How to delete the unwanted program

Windows XP

  1. Click the Start button.
  2. Select Control Panel.
  3. Click Add or Remove Programs.
  4. Select the suspicious program.
  5. Click Remove.

Windows 7 and Vista

  1. Open the Start menu.
  2. Select Control Panel.
  3. Click Uninstall a program.
  4. Right-click on the unreliable software.
  5. Click Uninstall.

Windows 8

  1. Tap the Windows key+R.
  2. Type in control panel and then click OK.
  3. Click Uninstall a program.
  4. Locate the suspicious software and select it.
  5. Click Uninstall.
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