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Danger level 8
Type: Trojans
Common infection symptoms:
  • Connects to the internet without permission
  • Installs itself without permissions
  • Block exe files from running
  • Can't be uninstalled via Control Panel

Your Computer Was Automatically Blocked

Your Computer Was Automatically Blocked is a notification that you may find on your desktop if the malicious VirLock Ransomware has corrupted your Windows operating system. The notification will reveal the number of files blocked by the infection and will inform you that these files may be permanently removed if you do not pay the requested fine. According to our researchers, you may be asked to pay 0.652 BTC, which is about 230-250 USD. Of course, this sum may be insignificant if the blocked files are valuable and you cannot recover them. Nonetheless, the removal of Your Computer Was Automatically Blocked malware is crucial.

Some malicious ransomware viruses do not hide their true intentions using misleading information. Such threats as Cryptobot Ransomware or CTB Locker encrypt your files and bluntly demand for ransom payments. Unfortunately, the VirLocker ransomware that displays the Your Computer Was Automatically Blocked warning hides behind the intimidating name of the National Security Bureau. Even though this bureau has no authority in the United States, computer users may fall for the scam thinking that this is a legitimate law enforcer. It is not, but even if it was, you should not pay attention to the disclaimer indicating that if the requested fine was not paid, you would be charged, fined, or convicted for up to 5 years. Instead of believing this false information, you need to delete VirLock Ransomware. Of course, first you need to remove Your Computer Was Automatically Blocked message.

In order to convince you that files on your computer are encrypted for legal purposes, the Your Computer Was Automatically Blocked warning will inform you that pirated software has been found on your PC. Unfortunately, pirated software, music files, and video files can be found on many computers, which is why the Your Computer Was Automatically Blocked warning may seem quite convincing. We can assure you that even if illegal software can be found on your PC, the warning is linked to a malicious ransomware that you need to delete. If you do not remove VirLock Ransomware in time, this infection will encrypt many of your personal files. According to researchers, the infection can turn zip files, documents, photos, and other kinds of files into executables, which will make the encryption much easier. Unfortunately, if you cannot launch executable files, the removal of Your Computer Was Automatically Blocked malware will become extremely difficult as well.

You may be presented with the Your Computer Was Automatically Blocked warning after the clandestine ransomware is executed using corrupted spam email attachments or installed together with software bundles. Once activated, the threat can autorun with your operating system, and it can hide its files to make the removal extremely difficult. Unfortunately, automatic malware removal software cannot decrypt the files encrypted by the Your Computer Was Automatically Blocked virus. Note that decryption tools may be available, and you should use them before removing VirLock. Needless to say, the last thing you should do is pay money to the schemers controlling this devious threat. Whether you choose to decrypt files or not, it is necessary to delete the existing malware. Use the removal instructions below.

VirLock Ransomware Removal

  1. Firstly use a healthy computer to download a reliable automatic malware removal tool from
  2. Transfer the installer file onto a removable device.
  3. Restart your infected PC and wait for BIOS to load.
  4. Immediately start tapping the F8 key on your keyboard.
  5. Using arrow keys on the keyboard select Safe Mode with Command Prompt and then tap Enter.
  6. In the Command Prompt window type cd.. (after C:\Windows\system32\) and tap Enter.
  7. Now type explorer.exe (after C:\Windows) and tap Enter one more time.
  8. Transfer spyhunter_installer.exe onto the infected PC.
  9. Run the installer and activate the automatic malware removal tool.
  10. Scan your operating system to detect all threats and then click Fix Threats to delete them.
  11. Restart your PC (Normal Mode).
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