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Danger level 7
Type: Trojans
Common infection symptoms:
  • Installs itself without permissions
  • Connects to the internet without permission
  • Slow Computer

Background Host Virus

Background Host Virus is a tremendously clandestine Trojan that can infect host.dll files. Once installed, this infection operates silently, without alerting the owners of the corrupted systems. Of course, sooner or later computer users are bound to recognize the activity of the malicious Trojan that deserves immediate removal. Unfortunately, if you do not remove Background Host Virus from your PC, your virtual identity could be stolen and used for highly malicious activity.

There are plenty of different Background Host Virus versions, and all of them can have many different names. One of the infections that we recognize and delete as Background Host Virus is Trojan.Sality. This threat may be spread via corrupted spam email attachments and it can be downloaded by the infections already active on your PC. Unfortunately, if you find one malicious threat that requires removal, it is most likely that other threats are active as well. Needless to say, you have to remove all dangerous infections running on your system; otherwise, you will not be safe.

The parties responsible for the distribution of Background Host Virus can use various drive-by download attacks to make sure that the threat corrupts your unguarded operating system. After this, the threat can modify the host file using the Entry Point Obscuring method. Additionally, Background Host Virus can drop its own malicious DLL files and execute the code of the original host file, so that you would not recognize the attack. According to our researchers, the infection can jeopardize the running of authentic security software, and this, clearly, is supposed to aggravate the removal of Background Host Virus.

Once the Background Host Virus is set, it can initiate silent connections to various remote servers and accept commands. Most importantly, the threat can steal cached passwords and collect other private information. Unfortunately, if you do not delete Background Host Virus in time, this infection could be used to steal personal information and use it to hijack your online accounts. If you do not want your operating system to be used for malicious attacks, you must remove the threat ASAP.

It is obvious that you will face lots of different security issues if you do not delete Background Host Virus from your operating system. Do you know how to delete mutexes and restore the corrupted files? Do you know how to delete the rest of the active threats and reinstate reliable Windows protection? If you do not, we recommend installing automatic malware removal software. Click the download button below and all of the security issues will be fixed in no time.

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