Danger level 8
Type: Backdoors


Backdoor.Bot.ED is a malicious computer infection that steals personal data. As you can clearly see from its name, it is a backdoor infection, and it enters your system surreptitiously. Unlike adware or rogue applications, Backdoor.Bot.ED remains hidden for an extensive period of time, and, unless you run regular system scans with reliable antispyware tools, you will not notice that this malicious infection has entered your system. It is your task to remove Backdoor.Bot.ED from your computer as soon as possible because the infection may allow other malicious programs to enter your system without your permission.

Just like most of the backdoor Trojans, Backdoor.Bot.ED is distributed through spam email messages. These spam email messages are sent from fake email accounts. Usually, the spam emails that are related to Backdoor.Bot.ED distribution scheme come with such subject lines as “Order invoice 915623_08.xls.” They clearly target users who often shop online. If a user doesn’t double-check the sender, opening the email attachment eventually results in Backdoor.Bot.ED infection. It may seem that the email attachment is a genuine MS Excel file, but that is not true. By opening the file, you run the Trojan’s installation wizard. Needless to say, the installation occurs behind your back as the Trojan does not display any straightforward information.

Once the infection takes place, do not be surprised if your computer starts exhibiting strange behavior. Clicking any website would automatically redirect you to an unfamiliar webpage; you might also get spammed with random pop-ups. Our security researchers say that Backdoor.Bot.ED is there to steal your personal information, so it means that the infection can track your web browsing habits and collect input data via keylogging. What is more, Backdoor.Bot.ED can also connect to a remote server and transfer all the collected data to its command and control center.

When it comes to backdoors and Trojans, it is important to realize that unless you invest in a licensed antispyware tool, it will be very hard to remove them on your own. If fact, you are strongly discouraged to attempt manual Backdoor.Bot.ED removal unless you are a computer security expert. On top of that, having this backdoor on your computer may also mean that there are other unwanted and potentially dangerous programs installed on your system.

Please run a full system scan with the SpyHunter free scanner to see how many dangerous programs are installed on your PC. Afterwards, acquire a reliable antispyware tool that will help you delete Backdoor.Bot.ED automatically for good. Finally, do not forget to run regular system scans with a computer security program of your choice in order to maintain your system’s safety.

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