Danger level 8
Type: Malware


CoinVault is a nasty ransomware infection that might appear on your system. The main aim of this threat is to extort money from computer users, so it is not surprising that the first thing that it is going to do after the infiltration on your system is to encrypt all of your files and then ask for a ransom. If it has already happened and you cannot access important files, you should still consider whether you really want to pay a ransom because there is no guarantee that you will gain access to them. Unfortunately, it looks like it is very difficult to decrypt files that have been encrypted by this ransomware. Actually, you will not be able to access your files even if you delete CoinVault. Luckily, there is still a solution. In order to find out about it, you should read through this article.

There is no doubt that CoinVault is a serious computer infection, so it is not surprising that it will encrypt all of your .odm, .docx, .wps, .srw, .txt, .der, .cer, .crt, .bay, .xls, .doc, .ods, .eps, .ppt, and other files straightaway and then will place a message on your screen. The message informs computer users that all of their files have been encrypted and they will not be able to access them unless they pay a ransom of 0.7 bitcoin (approximately 207, 47 Euros). Cyber criminals give 24 hours to do that and if you do not pay within the stated time, the ransom will increase. It sounds really scary; however, you should carefully think whether you really want to pay money. Even though schemers promise to send the key, it is not known whether it is really true, so we do not recommend making a payment.

Our security experts have implemented a research and found out that you will be able to restore your files from Show Volume Copies. In addition, you should not worry about them if you have a backup. It does not matter whether you decide to pay a ransom or you manage to recover your files, you should still not forget to delete CoinVault entirely because it might encrypt your files again. Besides, there is a possibility that it will do different kinds of suspicious activities behind your back, for instance, it might collect some kind of information about you and your activities.

In order to get rid of CoinVault, you should install a trustworthy malware remover and then perform a full system scan. Unfortunately, you will not be able to remove it yourself because it makes various changes and ordinary computer users will not be able to restore them. We recommend using SpyHunter for this matter because this tool will detect and delete all the infections that might be present on your system. Keep this tool enabled and you will not encounter threats similar to CoinVault in the future.

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