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Danger level 8
Type: Trojans

SuperCrypt Ransomware

SuperCrypt Ransomware is a malicious infection that might enter your system without your permission. It acts in a similar manner as CryptoWall and CryptoLocker, which also fall into the category of ransomware. SuperCrypt Ransomware might affect Windows servers that use Windows 2003 or Windows Server OS. It travels using open default RDP port 3389. Unfortunately, it does not seem that you will be able to get rid of SuperCrypt Ransomware easily. We do not recommend paying a ransom either because you will reveal your credit card details, lose your money, and it is unknown whether it will be effective. Luckily, you do not need to worry about SuperCrypt Ransomware anymore if you have a backup of your files.

As you have probably understood, SuperCrypt Ransomware will encrypt your files and then will ask you to pay a particular sum of money (usually 300 Euros) in order to gain access to your files. Ukash has to be used for this matter; however, computer users can send 1 bitcoin as well. In some cases, computer users receive the decrypted versions of the files; however, we still do not recommend paying money for cyber criminals. Keep in mind that this infection is mainly targeted at European computer users; thus, you should be very cautious.

The specialists at have carried out a research and found out that SuperCrypt Ransomware might be delivered to the infected machine by hacking the computer manually or via terminal services. Thus, you should be very cautious in order not to allow malware enter your system. We recommend installing security tool on the system and keeping it enabled all the time. Unfortunately, there are still no guarantees that infections similar SuperCrypt Ransomware will not enter your system in the future. Thus, our security experts recommend that you backup the most important files.

We have to upset you by saying that security tools will not help you to decrypt files; however, it does not mean that you do not need to install one on your computer in order to check whether other serious computer infections do not hide on your system. Even though there are many tools available, you should still make sure that you install a trustworthy one on your system. In our opinion, SpyHunter is one of the best malware removers because it will remove all the existing infections in a blink of an eye and protect your PC from future infections that might be much more serious. Keep in mind that you will have to upgrade it in order to make it effective.

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