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Danger level 6
Type: Trojans


If you are running any of the Windows operating system you might notice a message telling you that Win32/Crowti is detected as a virtual threat and is currently running on your PC. If, unfortunately, you have been issued this warning, you should take immediate measure to terminate the Trojan that is responsible for it. In most cases, the Win32/Crowti alert indicates that your system has been hit by some kind of ransomware, it could be CryptoLocker, CryptoWall, Crytpodefence or any other horrible infection that fits the category. Any of the mentioned applications could cause significant damage to your valuable data and could cause your operating system to malfunction. Read the rest of the article and find out what kind of dangerous activities you might be facing and why removal of any infection, which is identified by the default Windows antivirus program as Win32/Crowti, is so essential.

Often ransomware programs will infiltrate your system silently and will implement its files and registry entries, which will make it function. Quite a few ransomware applications such as CryptoWall, Crytpodefence, or Cryptobot will insert a registry entry that will make the detrimental application auto start with each system start up. After the infiltration is over, the Trojan will start encrypting your files, most likely silently. After the encryption process is over you might be presented with a pop-up message on your desktop telling you that your valuable files were encrypted and that the only way to retrieve them is to pay the ransom. You should know that paying up to cyber criminals is not the best way to use your money, especially knowing that the cyber crooks are not legally obliged to provide that service that will decrypt your data.

If you noticed the Win32/Crowti alert and the ransom message is not yet displayed, you must react immediately. First of all, we recommend disconnecting your PC from the Internet, as that will almost certainly stop the encryption process. After that, inspect the operating system for actual evidence of a ransomware, which is identified as Win32/Crowti. If you have discovered it start the removal process immediately.

In most instances, the manual removal of any ransomware infection is quite tricky and should be executed by advanced users only as it involves tweaking of the Windows registry system, which, if done incorrectly, could cause malfunction of your PC. Users who are not familiar with manual malware removal techniques are advised to use a reliable antimalware tool for removing the Win32/Crowti virtual threat once and for all.

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