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Danger level 6
Type: Adware
Common infection symptoms:
  • Installs itself without permissions
  • Connects to the internet without permission
  • Annoying Pop-up's


MyOSProtect.exe is a file which assists the running of the potentially unwanted program WebProtect often installed as “Web Protect for Windows” on Windows operating systems. The suspicious application is often recognized as an advertisement-supported program as well because it may activate online advertisements by unfamiliar parties. Due to this, the suspicious executable is known to work as an adware helper. You certainly must remove MyOSProtect.exe because it may assist unreliable parties. Do not worry if you do not know how to delete adware helpers because this article has been created to help with this task.

Adware helper MyOSProtect.exe is more disturbing and unreliable than other infamous adware helpers because it may be employed to perform a number of different tasks. This WebProtect adware helper has been discovered to download and update adware, release different pop-ups, and it could be used as a bitcoin miner. Needless to say, you must delete MyOSProtect.exe and remove WebProtect to terminate this disturbing activity. Keep in mind that MyOSProtect.exe may run with PCProtect.exe, postcollect.exe and a number of other processes that you will need to delete as well.

Even though WebProtect supposedly can guard you when browsing the web, you should not leave the protection of your virtual security in the hands of a program as suspicious as this one. You certainly should not trust programs which can employ your personal computer for bitcoin mining. Even though this activity will not disturb your security, it can slow down your system. If you do not perform MyOSProtect.exe removal, your system’s resources could be used up for something that is not advantageous to you in any way.

If besides slower PC speeds and suspicious pop-ups you discover other disturbing activity, it is possible that other unreliable programs are active on the PC. MyOSProtect.exe usually travels bundled with malicious software, and so it would not be surprising to discover the adware helper running together with unrelated adware, other potentially unwanted programs, and possibly malware. You need to delete MyOSProtect.exe and other disturbing applications to make sure that you do not face risks when using your operating system.

In some cases adware helpers are removed when adware is deleted from the system. Unfortunately, the removal of WebProtect is complicated because the provided uninstaller does not work. If you are not sure how to get rid of undesirable software manually, quickly install automatic malware removal software. If you believe you are skilled enough to remove MyOSProtect.exe and the related software/malware manually, begin the process by terminating undesirable processes.

Terminate undesirable processes

  1. Open the Task Manager (simultaneously tap Ctrl+Alt+Del)
  2. Click the Processes tab.
  3. Identify the undesirable process, click it and select End Process.
  4. Click OK and perform the removal of the undesirable software.
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  1. Edward Nov 5, 2014

    This virus took away my internet connection on my desktop computer. I NEED HELP NOW

  2. Tim Nov 18, 2014

    I lost connectivity as well. It was not restored until I went to the command prompt and ran "netsh winsock reset". Hope this helps.

  3. Toni Nov 24, 2014

    It also wiped out my internet connection on Nov 14th, but I am finding files as far back as 9-1-14, I brought it to PCfixer guys, they were more interested that they couldn't do anything because I have WindowsXP and trying to sell me another computer than they were in removing this virus. I am doing searches now and finding all the files this article has said.

  4. Toni Nov 24, 2014

    Tim, how do I get to command prompt, I am NOT a puter whizz! TY

  5. huckstop Nov 24, 2014

    I used the "Manual Removal" list and I finally got rid of this pesky malware..

  6. Toni Nov 24, 2014

    Does anybody come to this page and help, or are we crying to the wind. I tried the netsh winsock in command propmt and it says NETSH is not a recognizable command. So there's that :( HELP, I NEED HELP NOW......

  7. Toni Nov 24, 2014

    It won't even let me do that, it tells me MyOSProyecy.exe can not be removed as it is an invalid file handle.

  8. Toni Nov 24, 2014

    How did you get your internet connection back, huckstop? Or didn't it take yous out?

  9. Xplorer Jan 9, 2015

    This is the right code for Winsock reset "netsh winsock reset"

  10. Jahzinho Feb 14, 2015

    i was having this same issue of myosprotect.dll virus blocking my internet access...finally i was able to get internet connectivity through command prompt- netsh winsock reset...thanks guys

  11. Stuart Mar 19, 2015

    This post is a life saver! The key to the fix is getting internet connection back. The "netsh winsock reset" command at the C: prompt is the key. I could only get the command to work if I accessed the prompt with the microsoft +r keys on the keyboard and then going to tools and activating the c: prompt option. Once internet was restored the programs and tools suggested, took care of the rest. Thank you Thank You Thank You

  12. William Haneghan Jul 8, 2015

    MyOSProtect.dll infected every file on my computer . It corrupted IE and also the software for my wireless adapter . Every file I tried to open kept coming up with a message that MyOSProtect.dll is not a windows program .Every time I closed the message it popped right back up . This file was located in the windows\system32 folder . It also had 12 entries in the registry that could not be changed or deleted . I finally had to wipe the drive and reinstall everything to get rid of it .

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