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Danger level 9
Type: Malware
Common infection symptoms:
  • Slow Computer
  • Slow internet connection
  • Connects to the internet without permission
  • Installs itself without permissions

Android FBI Virus

The Android platform has been attacked by cyber criminals several times, and the latest instance is budded Android FBI Virus. Malicious programs aimed at deceiving unsuspecting computer users on behalf of the FBI are not new to security researchers, and the release of several threats targeted at infecting Android OS suggests that the criminals want to benefit from new platforms. The term Android FBI Virus can be used as a generic term because the logo of FBI has been used to deceive a lot of Windows users, and, apparently, the same scare techniques are used with Android users.

The latest Android ransomware is known as Andr/FBILock-A. It is spread as a Flash Player application. If you are familiar with the Android platform, you know that it does not have Flash support. Once launched, the infection displays a deceptive notification the goal of which is to make you spend $300 USD in order for you to get access to your data. The fake ransom warning contains fake accusations, which you should disregard. According to the warning, you have allegedly distributed copyrighted material and been related to the distribution of some pornographic material. These fake accusations are provided by basically every ransomware infection, and if you want to regain access to your Windows or Android operating system, you should ignore the notification and remove the infection.

In order to remove the so-called Android FBI Virus, you have to access safe mode, and then deleted the infection, i.e. the fake Flash Player.

As mentioned above, the latest Android ransomware infection is not something surprising because Android devices were attacked by some similar threats in the past. One of them is called Andr/Koler-A, also known as Koler.A or simply Koler. This threat also disturbs you with a pop-over notification which reappears every time you try to access another application or open Settings. The interface of the infection is very similar to the interfaces of a Trojan horse called Urausy. Moreover, the Koler Trojan can provide you with a warning featuring the logo of FBI, which is supposed to make you think that the warning belongs to the famous institution.

As regards the removal of the Koler Trojan, it is also removed using safe mode, and, if you do not know how to load your device in safe mode, use our below-given instructions. You should also bear in mind that you should not trust programs obtained from questionable sources. If you doubt whether the program is reliable or not, do some research on it so that you do not have to deal with programs such as the Android FBI Virus.

How to boot your Android device into safe mode

  1. Press and hold the power button.
  2. Select Safe Mode.

If you have cannot access Safe Mode in the above-mentioned way, do the following:

  1. Switch off the device.
  2. Switch it on again.
  3. Once you see the boot logo, press the volume up and down buttons.
  4. Keep the buttons pressed until the home screen appears.
  5. Remove the program that displays the fake warning.
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