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How Boleto malware can steal YOUR money

Boleto is an umbrella name for computer infections which are targeted at the Boleto Bancario payment system. This system can be used to transfer money using the services of ATMs, post offices, lottery agencies, etc. Unfortunately, the system is also employed via online banking, and this is where the issue lies. If your operating system is infected with malicious programs and you do not delete them in time, it is possible that you will risk your financial and virtual security every time you turn on the computer and connect to your online banking accounts. Of course, these threats run silently, which is why it may be difficult to locate and remove Boleto malware timely.

Different Trojans could be employed to intercept Boleto payments; however, malware researchers identify Gameover Zeus as the most commonly discovered threat. Overall, regardless of what Trojan you need to delete, you must do it as soon as possible. Some silently running infections can scan the web pages you visit and log the information you enter or view. Others can identify the connection to online banking accounts and initiate Document Object Model (DOM) manipulations. This is an extremely clandestine trick which schemers use to inject code into the browser and manipulate certain parts of the page. When it comes to online banking accounts, Document Object Model (DOM) manipulation is used to record the data you enter into the provided boxes. For example, when you enter your login data, the Trojan can collect it without you even noticing it. Needless to say, this could be used to connect to your online banking accounts without your permission.

The Boleto scam may be used to divert transactions as well. The infection could manipulate the account numbers you enter to send money straight into the accounts of cyber criminals. Unfortunately, devious operations alike have been reoccurring for two years, due to which one out of 900 operating systems in Brazil is now infected with some version of Boleto malware. Needless to say, you will ensure that your private information is not leaked and financial security is not breached only if you delete Boleto targeting Trojans from the operating system.

It is reported that mobile devices are not affected by Boleto malware at this point, making online banking via mobile apps more secure; however, this is not the solution we recommend. What you should do is install automatic malware removal software to delete existing threats and protect the operating system against dangerous attacks occurring in the future.

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