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Danger level 7
Type: Tracking Cookie


Tracking cookies are pieces of data and collect information on your web browsing habits. CasaleMedia is one of these tracking cookies that takes note of what kind of advertisements are delivered for you. The official website at claims that it offers the best digital advertised media solutions. CasaleMedia tracking cookie's behavior depends on whether you have encountered an advertisement from CasaleMedia before or not. If not, then the cookie will track your browsing habits and generate particular advertisements for you, based on your browsing preferences. Since CasaleMedia needs to display tailored advertisements, it collects personal information and sends it over to its main servers for processing.

Due to its nature, CasaleMedia is not considered to be an immediate computer threat. Most of the computer security products do not even detect this tracking cookie. However, the tracking cookie can also generate a list of undesirable pop-up advertisements that users find annoying at times. To avoid being flooded with unwanted commercial advertisements you should access the Privacy section at and click for the opt-out option. Clicking the embedded links allows you to avoid being part of the CasaleMedia network, although it requires confirmation with your login details.

The fact that CasaleMedia requires to join the service shows that it is a genuine advertising tool. Nevertheless, sometimes tracking cookies are exploited by third parties that crack down the main code and exploit cookies for their malicious deeds. For example, if the cookie gets infected, CasaleMedia can start collecting data that otherwise it is not authorized to store. In such a case, the gathered information is sent over for cyber criminals, and in exchange they direct a flow of advertisements at you in order to generate a money via pay-per-click system. Not to mention, that hacked CasaleMedia tracking cookie can also collect your logins and passwords, thus exposing your personal information for identity theft.

To protect yourself and your information, you should remove CasaleMedia from your computer. It is especially important if you cannot terminate the advertisements via the link embedded on the official website. Acquire a legitimate computer security tool to perform a full system scan and terminate CasaleMedia along with other possible infections. Do all you can to safeguard your system against cyber threats.

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  1. Edward Gibson Dec 24, 2014

    Spy Hunter 4 doesn't work because the spyware come back every time whether I'm connected to the internet or not.

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