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Danger level 8
Type: Trojans
Common infection symptoms:
  • Slow Computer
  • Annoying Pop-up's
  • System crashes
  • Connects to the internet without permission
  • Installs itself without permissions
  • Block exe files from running

Council of Europe Virus

Council of Europe Virus is a malicious Trojan which presents the elements of a ransomware. The clandestine threat is represented through a misguiding notification which pushes you to expose sensitive information in return of the unblocked access to the web. The components activating the threat can be infiltrated onto your personal computer illegally. For example, the Trojan’s files could be hidden behind freeware downloads and spam email attachments. Once these files are installed onto the computer, they can modify the Windows Registry entries in order to reconfigure the DNS settings. As our researchers have discovered, this malicious threat can affect Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browsers. As you may have guessed already, getting Council of Europe Virus removed is not an easy task.

Are you familiar with ransomware infections? Computer users living in Europe have already faced such malicious threats as Europol Virus, ICSPA Virus, Carabinieri Virus, etc. It has been discovered that these threats are capable of locking down the computer and demanding fictitious fines. Even though the Council of Europe Virus is just as misleading as these threats, it has been found out that instead of blocking your computer the threat performs unauthorized redirecting to a corrupted website which displays a bogus notification supposedly presented by the Council of Europe. You will not be able to remove the fake alert and continue browsing the web due to the modified DNS settings. Please see an extract:

Internet access us temporarily blocked.
The Provisions on the fight against sexual exploitation of children and child pornography on the Internet complies with the provision of a EU Council decision from December 2003. It gives the police powers to arrest those who are responsible for child online pornography

Ignore the presented accusations and pay no attention to the displayed demands. If Police linked you to child pornography, you would be presented with criminal charges. You certainly would not be asked to share your name, address or credit card information for an alleged identification. If you do not delete Council of Europe Virus and fill out the form, cyber criminals behind the scam will be able to use the discovered information to scam you further. Furthermore, the malicious files will remain running, and you should delete them without further delay. Note that the infection can install other undesirable programs (e.g., Protominer bitcoin miner) or even malware. We recommend getting these deleted as well.

Have you discovered that your operating system is running much slower than usual? It is possible that this has been caused by the existing bitcoin miner which we recommend having removed. What about web browser rerouting? As soon as you find yourself redirected to a page ordering you to expose private, sensitive information you should delete Council of Europe Virus. This clandestine ransomware is a tool for cyber criminals to breach your virtual security, and if you do not remove it timely, you could face even greater risks. We recommend using authentic security software to have Council of Europe Virus removed automatically. Click the download button below to acquire an authentic and reliable malware remover.

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