Danger level 7
Type: Other
Common infection symptoms:
  • Installs itself without permissions
  • Connects to the internet without permission
  • Slow internet connection
  • Slow Computer


BitMiner.DCE is a computer application which exploits your computer for Bitcoin mining without your permission. BitMiner.DCE can be distributed by various programs, including YouTube Accelerator and some fake installers. Once installed, the program starts to run as a service. Its function is to use computer resources in order to solve highly complex Bitcoin algorithms, which leads to slow performance of the system. Bitcoins can be mined by any computer users. All that he or she has to do is install a Bitcoin wallet. The computer is connected to a peer-to-peer network, which is necessary to track and verify transactions. However, the computer becomes part of the network without the user’s permission, it implies that some remote attackers seek to obtain more Bitcoins. In order to fix the computer, i.e., to make it run faster, you should remove BitMiner.DCE from the computer and take preventative measures.

Bitcoins are a currency that can be used to pay for various items or services. Bitcoints was created in 2008 by pseudonymous creators Satoshi Nakamoto and gained attention only in late 2011. Transactions and other operations related to Bitcoins are monitored by the network since there is no single authority for this currency. It is estimated that the limit of the bitcoint will be reached in around 2140.The total number of bitcoins is known to be as big as 21 million, and it has been estimated that 57 percent of all Bitcoins have been already created.

Different analyses on Bitcoin-mining programs have revealed that malicious programs can arrive not only via malicious download but also through social medial. One click on a corrupted link may cause the download of the undesirable program. For example, some links to the website executing Bitcoin-mining malware can be provided on Twitter or other social networking websites whether shortened URLs are used.

BitMiner.DCE is not the only program which can affect your computer. BKDR_BTMINE.MNR is one of the programs that generate Bitcoins and performs DDOS attacks. The malicious program disables computer security and connects to specific websites so that it can send acquired information to those sites. Other malicious programs related to Bitcoin mining include Worm_Kolab.SMWX, which downloads HKTL_BITCOINTMINE, WORM_OTORUN.ASH and many others.

If you want to prevent malicious programs from making unauthorized changes on your computer, you should avoid insecure freeware websites and links provided by unknown computer user. Moreover, your computer should be protected by a reliable anti-malware program. If you do not have a powerful anti-spyware tool, we recommend using SpyHunter. This real-time security program can remove BitMiner.DCE from the computer and fight off different computer infections.

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