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Danger level 8
Type: Tracking Cookie


There are a lot of websites that make use of tracking cookies to monitor computer users's Internet browsing habits. XXXCounter is one of these tracking cookies injected into your browser and your computer the moment you open website. XXXCounter might seem like a harmless piece of data, but in reality it tracks your browsing activities and makes record of your main search keywords. It is recommended to remove XXXCounter from your computer immediately, because the data recorded by this tracking cookie can be misused by a third party, and you might experience a data leak.

Tracking cookies are not malicious infections on their own. Naturally, XXXCounter gathers information to use it for marking purposes later on, but cookies are an easy target for computer hackers. Although normally XXXCounter should not collect important personal data such as banking logins or passwords, if its code is cracked by a third party, it can collect even sensitive financial data and send it away to cyber criminals without you even realizing it. What is more, XXXCounter can be responsible for flooding you with commercial pop-up advertisements.

Needless to say, that clicking on these advertisements is not an option, because you can be redirected to websites that might contain infectious files. Hence, if you want to avoid being infected with other malware, and you want to protect your data, you need to remove XXXCounter right now.

It is possible to delete XXXCounter via your browser settings, but it is very likely that the cookie will reappear again, especially if it is hacked. Therefore, you are strongly advised to download the free SpyHunter scanner and perform a full system scan, to check for any regenerated threats. This way you will be able to terminate XXXCounter once and for all automatically. Do not hesitate to invest in your computer's security, when it is necessary to do so.

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