Danger level 8
Type: Malware


If you have run a full system scan and there is stij.exe on your detection list, it means that you most probably have installed MyStart by IncrediBar somewhere along the way. It is a potentially unwanted program often classified as browser hijacker due to the fact that it tries to remain on your browser for as long as possible and it exposes you to a number of security threats. Therefore, stij.exe is one of the setup files that belong to this application. If your browser is not hijacked, it possible for the file to have arrived with some other application, or perhaps you have missed it while removing MyStart by IncrediBar.

If this file, which is associated with the IncrediBar Toolbar family of potentially unwanted application, remains on your computer, there is a high chance that some undesirable application regenerates itself, or your web browsing session data is still being collected by a third party. After all, stij.exe is associated not only with MyStart by IncrediBar, but also SweetIM, IncrediMail, SmailBox and other potentially unwanted applications that often frustrate computer users worldwide. If you have encountered this file, or your antivirus program has detected it, we recommend removing it immediately, in order to protect your computer from any potential threats.

What is more, it is not only a file, but also a process that you can find running on Windows Task Manager. The file itself is digitally signed by Perion Network Ltd. which makes it seem as a legitimate application, and yet we still cannot deny the association with MyStart by IncrediBar. According to computer security experts, if the file is left to its own devices, later on it may download other adware onto your computer, thus exposing you to an enormous amount of third party content that might eventually lead to malware infection.

Each time you turn on your computer, stij.exe is launched automatically which means that certain changes have been performed in your Windows Registry to allow this file to auto-start. This file path for the file is %WINDIR%\system32\jmdp, and it is strongly recommended that you invest in a licensed antimalware tool, such as SpyHunter, in order to scan your PC and then delete stij.exe for good. The file itself is not extremely harmless, but all the applications associated with it, and other potential threats that this process might download onto your PC, should be taken into consideration when debating whether you should get rid of stij.exe or not. And in this case, you definitely need to remove stij.exe right now.

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