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Danger level 6
Type: Trojans


TR/Staser.rfm is a truly clandestine computer infection which may be recognized as Trojan.Win32.Staser or Mal/VMProtBad-A. Even though one name is scarier than the next, you should face this threat without any reservations or fear. Without a doubt, you need to delete this infection from your computer; otherwise, your system could be seriously jeopardized and your virtual security could be breached. Remember that if one malignant component manages to enter the system there is a great chance that soon enough system security vulnerabilities will be exposed and the PC will get infected with more dangerous threats. So, what is this Trojan capable of and how to remove TR/Staser.rfm from the operating system?

As our researchers have recently discovered, the malicious TR/Staser.rfm is closely linked to the wsys.exe. This file could come bundled with WsysControl, eSafe Security Control and similar applications. Since the file is downloaded without informing the system’s users, you can state that this file enters the PC illegally and that the related programs are unreliable as well. The clandestine executable is detected as a worm and it can perform a variety of malicious processes. It is most important to note that this .exe file acts as a rootkit, meaning that it can conceal its own presence. Needless to say, this allows the Trojan to run on the system without being detected and removed.

If you do not remove TR/Staser.rfm component wsys.exe, you may discover that new processes have been created or old ones have been deleted. Please launch your Task Manager (Ctrl+Alt+Delete) and check for any suspicious processes. The executable has been noted to create communication links to remote servers, modify the host file, which may lead to abrupt web page rerouting, and even steal private data. The infection can record key strokes, mouse clicks and even screen content possibly to discover sensitive information, like passwords and usernames, or to spy on you and reveal your habits.

It is clear that you need to delete TR/Staser.rfm from the operating system. So, how should you detect it on the PC? You can click the download button below to install a free malware scanner which will help you determine which files need to be located and deleted. Without a doubt, you should remove TR/Staser.rfm using automatic malware detection and removal software if you are unsure how to perform this task manually. Install SpyHunter and allow the tool to delete all existing malware.

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