Danger level 8
Type: Other
Common infection symptoms:
  • Connects to the internet without permission
  • Installs itself without permissions
  • Slow Computer
  • Slow internet connection

BadBIOS virus

BadBIOS virus is a computer infection which you may be unaware of because of its surreptitious processes, and which you can remove from the system only by rewriting your BIOS. One of the major sources of this dangerous threat is pornographic websites, and once a visitor access an insecure website, a malicious code is injected to BIOS, which stands for Basic InPut/Output System. Once you power the computer on, you are provided with a BIOS splash screen which shows information about hardware, including the type of motherboard, memory, CPU, and a prompt, which is usually the F2 key. When the computer is infected with BadBIOS virus, no visual changes on BIOS are made, and if you notice some malfunctions of the system, you may not suspect that it is the so-called BadBIOS virus.

Various malicious actions can be performed using BadBIOS virus, which depends on the goals of the attackers. The infection may enable remote access to the system. It can also alter the system settings so that the corrupted system cannot boot from CD drives. When the computer is infected with BadBIOS virus, it is important that you do not use your USB memory stick on any other computers because the infection can be transferred to an uninfected system. A lot of computer resources are likely to be used by the threat, which also has to do with additional malicious programs that are installed after the attack of BadBIOS virus.

Various speculations about the threat can be found on various websites and no evidence about the existence of the threat has been provided so far. The researchers who were first to announce about BadBIOS virus claim the threat can communicate over audio devices, which has not been tested. Moreover, it has been announced that the threat can send information using the so-called air gap system, which are not connected to the Internet.

Since anti-virus programs cannot protect operating system from this threat, the only preventative measure that can be taken is avoidance of insecure websites. Do not browse pornographic or other suspicious websites, especially those which promote unknown computer applications or services and contain various advertisements.  In order to find out the level of the system security, we recommended implementing a powerful spyware removal tool.

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