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Danger level 9
Type: Rogue Anti-Spyware
Common infection symptoms:
  • Blocks internet connection
  • Block exe files from running
  • Installs itself without permissions
  • Connects to the internet without permission
  • Normal system programs crash immediatelly
  • Annoying Pop-up's
  • Slow Computer

Sinergia Cleaner

Sinergia Cleaner is rogue anti-virus program which is attributed to the Rogue.WinWebSec family. The malicious application spreads through insecure websites, so if you do not have a reliable security tool, your computer is highly prone to such threats as Sinergia Cleaner. Once you install the application or find that it has been installed without your consent, you should take immediate actions to remove it from the PC.

The removal of the rogue security program is crucial for the application provides the user with false information. Its aim is to make the user purchase the license of the rogue program and it is being done by impairing the system and displaying fake security alerts. Sinergia Cleaner mimics system scan and informs the users about various computer infections, which do not exist on the machine. As for the security alerts, various security issues can be presented.

In addition to annoying system scans and security notifications, Sinergia Cleaner disables access to taskmgr.exe. You will not be able to access the Task Manager and end the malicious processes, which is done in order to make you think that the computer is severely infected with numerous Trojans and other threats.

Moreover, Sinergia Cleaner restricts access to the Internet, which is likely to have been done in order to prevent you from downloading a spyware removal tool from a reliable website. Below you will find an excerpt from the warning that appears on Internet Explorer whenever you try to access a particular domain:

Warning message from your Internet browser. This page is under virus attack. This may crash your system.
Obtain a license for “Sinergia Cleaner” to protect your PC for the safest browsing Internet pages (desirable)
Launch spyware, virus and malware scanning process

Keep browsing Internet pages unprotected (not safely)

Do not purchase the license of the rogue application because your money is all that the criminals behind the threat need. Sinergia Cleaner is a computer infections – it cannot detect real infections, so keep the money for a more valuable purchase that would be of benefit to you. Instead of spending from 59.99 to 99.99 U.S. dollars for the harmful application, invest in a reliable anti-spyware tool that can remove Sinergia Cleaner and shield the system from various computer threats.

Our experts recommend that you implement SpyHunter for this real-time security program has already proven that it can remove the malicious applications from the so-called Rogue.WinWebSec family, including System Doctor 2014, Live Security Platinum, System Care Antivirus, and many other threats. The application does not require a lot of attention – all the scans are launched automatically and you are immediately informed if some piece of malware or spyware attempts to access the system. Before installing the application, try activating the program with the following activation key in order to disable annoying pop-up warnings.

Activation key: hello

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