Danger level 7
Type: Other
Common infection symptoms:
  • Annoying Pop-up's
  • Connects to the internet without permission
  • Slow internet connection

Facebook Friend Request Virus

There are various computer infection related to Facebook as it is one of the biggest social networks in the world. Cyber criminals always try to hack personal accounts in order to generate financial profit. Facebook Friend Request Virus is one of these infections, and it tries to hack into your account so it could spread further or leak your information to a cyber-criminal. It is more likely that it is your account that is hacked, not your computer, but yet you should scan your system to ensure that you remove Facebook Friend Request Virus entirely from your PC.

It is important, however, to tell apart the real Facebook hack from a simple glitch. Users have reported that they are receiving friend requests from people they are already friends with. In such a case, the Facebook account is not hacked by Facebook Friend Request Virus. It is merely a glitch that occurred after several Facebook updates. Nevertheless, if you receive friend requests from people you have never seen in your entire life, and if these requests come in throngs (some users report up to 100 friend requests a day), then it is very likely that this is a worm that is making use of spam accounts, or real accounts, simply having hacked them.

Needless to say that, under no circumstances should you accept these friend requests, because this infection is eager to disarm the built-in computer security system and then steal your data. All the infections related to Facebook usually try to get their hands on your personal information in order to create false accounts in various other websites. They steal identities and then perform illegal operations. In the worst case scenario, your computer might also get infected with malware and you could experience a serious money loss. After all, most of the computer infections these days are aiming for financial profit.

To avoid these consequences, you should decline friend requests from Facebook Friend Request Virus, and change your Facebook password just in case. Then run a full system scan with SpyHunter free scanner. If there is nothing found on your PC, it means that the problem lies within the Facebook website itself. Nevertheless, having a powerful computer safeguard tool guarding your system is always a good idea of protection.

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