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Facebook Automatic Wall Post Virus

If your operating Windows system has been infected by schemers, soon enough you could face the Facebook Automatic Wall Post Virus. The infection manifests through corrupted wall posts presumably posted by you or your friends. Even though at first it may seem as if you had posted a link to a video, a picture or an article, in reality this is a job of schemers who have hijacked your Facebook account. Cyber criminals can infiltrate the malicious threat using drive-by download scams; however, in most cases it is distributed via the infamous Facebook Friend Request Virus. Are you familiar with this infection? Schemers send a fictitious friend request and, if you accept it, they slowly hijack your account. Note that is many cases this could result in the blocked access of your account. This is a sign that you need to delete Facebook Friend Request Virus, and we have a few removal tricks which are presented in this article

The malicious infection takes over your personal Facebook account to expose a security backdoor and initiate malware distribution, spamming or unauthorized redirecting attacks. As soon as schemers take over the account they might start posting corrupted links on your behalf. It is likely that friends, whose walls the fake links will be posted on, will follow the links. This is extremely dangerous because schemers could route your friends, colleagues and family members to sites which harbor malware. Do you want to be blamed for dangerous malware attacks and irritating removal operations? Note that the whole situation could be in reverse, if it is one of your friends who got infected by the virus and schemers post a corrupted link on your wall. This is why you should be extra careful about all wall posts, IM and private messages.

You have to remove Facebook Automatic Wall Post Virus immediately. If you did not manage to prevent the entrance of the malicious infection and it has corrupted your online accounts, you certainly need to remove this threat. Please contact your Facebook support team for further assistance, and install automatic spyware detection and removal software to delete infections which already could have entered the PC. The longer you keep the infection running, the more virtual scams could be performed with your own name attached to them. You should also warn all of your contacts to stay alert about the truly devious and clandestine infection.

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