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Danger level 5
Type: Potentially Unwanted Application
Common infection symptoms:
  • Slow Computer


Sometimes an application that has a rather useful function may cause a lot of problems on the system security level. xVidly is one of such applications. Originally a browser extension and a downloads manager, xVidly is often categorized as a potentially unwanted program, because it is often downloaded with a list of other programs that may slow down your system and even expose you to malicious infections. Remove xVidly from your PC and make sure that your system is protected against possible threats from the outside.

Generally, when you install a browser plugin, it allows you to choose whether you want to install all of its features or any other additional programs. However, when it comes to xVidly, there is no option to decline the installation of additional applications. The list of programs xVidly comes with may depend on where you download the extension from, but in general, it is known to come with Value Apps, Free Download Manager, Lyrics Shout, Conduit Search, and other programs that users often complain about.

Of course, the talks about xVidly being a browser hijacker are exaggerated. This extension is merely a potentially unwanted program, but the fact it does not allow you to freely choose installation set-up raises a few doubts regarding its credibility. The most alarming thing about xVidly is the fact that the extension and almost all of the programs it comes with make use of cookies to track your browsing information. At first glance it is not dangerous because it allows customizing your browser, and search engine displays search results that are related to your most common searches.

However, that cannot be ignored, because xVidly may share the information with a third party that could use the data for marketing purposes. Or worse – the information could be leaked to cyber criminals and they could exploit xVidly to infect your PC with dangerous threats. In order to avoid possible security risks, you need to remove xVidly from your PC right now.

How to remove xVidly

Windows 8

  1. Move mouse cursor to the bottom right of the screen.
  2. When Charms bar appears, click Settings and go to Control Panel.
  3. Select Uninstall a program and remove xVidly along with other unwanted programs.

Windows Vista & Windows 7

  1. Open Start menu and select Control Panel.
  2. Click Uninstall a program and remove xVidly with other undesirable applications.

Windows XP

  1. Open Start menu and go to Control Panel.
  2. Select Add or remove programs and uninstall xVidly with other unwanted programs.

How to restore browser settings

Internet Explorer

  1. Press Alt+X and go to Internet options.
  2. Open Advanced tab and click Reset.
  3. Select Delete personal settings and click Reset again.
  4. When the reset is complete, click Close and Finish.

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Press Firefox button and navigate to Help.
  2. Click Troubleshooting information and press Reset Firefox.
  3. Click Reset Firefox once more and when the reset is complete, press Finish.

Google Chrome

  1. Press Alt+F and click Tools.
  2. Select Extensions and remove unwanted applications.
  3. Click Settings on the left and select Open a specific page or set of pages.
  4. Click Set pages and change your home page address. Press OK.
  5. Select Manage search engines under Search.
  6. Set a new default search engine and remove unwanted search provider. Press Done.

In order to check what other potentially unwanted programs you have on your PC, scan your system with SpyHunter free scanner. It is the most efficient way to determine whether you are infected or not. Do all it takes to protect your data from cyber intruders.

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  1. neonpurplemonkey@gmail Aug 7, 2013

    None of these steps help. Look online. Everybody still has this program on their computer every time they go to a website. After following all these directions, the site, toolbar, or whatever that says Xvidly still pops up.

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