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Danger level 8
Type: Adware
Common infection symptoms:
  • Shows commercial adverts
  • Annoying Pop-up's

Adware.Bubble Dock

Adware.Bubble Dock is a browser add-on is compatible with Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox. However, the application does not change the interface of the browser or the home page. The changes are visible on the desktop as a toolbar resembling Apple OS’ desktop options is installed. In order to view those options, you have to open the Start menu and click Bubble Dock. We recommend that you remove the so-called Adware.Bubble Dock as this application is also capable of displayed pop-up advertisement while you are browsing the Internet.

It has been noticed that Adware.Bubble Dock is recommended by various websites, including, Surcouf, and some others. However, if you find that the application does not fulfill your needs or cause you some difficulties, do not hesitate to delete it.

According to the official website of Adware.Bubble Dock, the user can personalize the toolbar in order to access various websites. We found that the Bubble Dock toolbar allows the user to access Facebook, web radio, weather forecasts, promo codes, and many other websites, all of which are opened in a Bubble Dock window.

Ignore the advertisements as they are displayed in order to help advertisers earn money. Another reason why you should avoid clicking the advertisements is that they may direct you to an insecure website, so if you do not have a reliable spyware removal tool, ignore pop-ups and get rid of Adware.Bubble.

The removal of Adware.Bubble Dock should not be delayed as this application may be monitoring your actions online. For example, Internet Explorer contains a browser helper object (BHO), which may be used to collect information provided by your browsers. The application is presented as spyware and adware-free; however, if it has been installed alongside freeware and you want to remove it from the computer because of the advertisements, you can easily do it right now.

When it comes to the removal of the adware application, you have two options. You can either uninstall Adware.Bubble Dock using the Control Panel utility or install a reliable spyware removal tool and launch a system scan. If you want to have Adware.Bubble Dock removed for you, use SpyHunter as this application can also protect the system. However, if you decide to terminate the unwanted application manually, follow the instructions presented below.

Adware.Bubble Dock Removal

Windows XP

  1. Open the Start menu.
  2. Click Control Panel.
  3. Select Add or Remove Programs.
  4. Click the program you want to remove and click the Remove button.

Windows Vista and Windows 7

  1. Open the Start menu and click Control Panel.
  2. Click Uninstall a program.
  3. Double-click Bubble Dock (published by Nosibay).

Windows 8

  1. Hover the mouse over the lower left corner of the screen.
  2. Right-click.
  3. Select Control Panel.
  4. Click Uninstall a program.
  5. Double-click the program you want to remove.

Once you complete these steps, the add-ons that have been installed on the browsers are removed automatically. However, it is advisable to make sure that no other computer infections are running within the system. In order to scan the system, use our recommended scanner which you can download by click the download button.

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How to manually remove Adware.Bubble Dock

Files associated with Adware.Bubble Dock infection:


Adware.Bubble Dock DLL's to remove:



  1. Kim Jan 12, 2014

    I had to restart in Safe Mode to be able to remove it, nothing worked, couldn't stop it, couldn't remove via Add/Remove programmes, Safe Mode, Add/Remove programmes worked fine.

  2. cp Feb 10, 2014

    me too : doesn't appear in programs list, anywhere & I only found it as I suddenly noticed the black bars (top right corner of screen) turned orange when I opened Google; curious I looked to see why & there was a warning message about BUBBLE DOCK! can't get rid of it & I've tried everything.... only thing that seems to keep it at bay is to kdelete it at the warning msg above (every single time) & search via the incognita option
    this is nightmare & I DO NOT WANT IT-how dare they!

  3. Justin Miles Feb 20, 2014

    I've just picked it up on my laptop too and currently looking for a fix.

    Having just returned from an Arctic expedition and about to embark on my next expedition to India the last thing that I need to do is waste time fiddling about trying to get rid of this damned stuff.

    Can we make it a hanging offence to create and distribute this stuff?!

    Justin Miles

  4. SaL Jun 16, 2014

    I tried to delete the files Manually, only found one of them...'axsurfmatch.dll' Not sure if I have got rid of it...

  5. SaL Jun 16, 2014

    I got this by downloading 'PSD viewer' from CNET.

    I would suggest that anyone considering to try their software dont.

  6. Dave Jun 20, 2014

    I tried Kim's method by removing file whilst in safe mode and it allowed me to remove it. Job done and many thanks to Kim.

  7. Gary Linsell Jun 28, 2014

    Window 7 removal of Bubble Dock:

    Press F8 on boot up set up screen instead of F2 that takes you to the bios settings.

    Safe Mode

    Control Panel/add and remove programs/

    Bubble Dock UNINSTALL

    This works 100% cheers Kim

  8. Martin Underwood Jul 23, 2014

    Cis supposed to be a re*****ble website and as such trusted by a great number of people. I realise that they cannot be held directly responsible for actions taking place away from their website, but I do think they should try to follow-up anything that is advertised on their website to reduce the likelihood of unwanted software being installed such as this.

  9. Rosie Aug 24, 2014

    Kim, you're awesome! Thank you!!

  10. Rosie Aug 24, 2014

    Thank you Gary as well.

  11. peter Aug 25, 2014

    Format and reload PC, thanks bubble dock you *****ers ! if I wver meat the ***** who wrote this I will kill them ! waited 4 hours of my time.

  12. Motty Sep 15, 2014

    Hello folks. I too have downloaded this waste of time with a PDF . I'm on windows 7 home premium and have tried to remove it by using the F8 startup but I simply cannot get rid of shopping helper smart bar. Shopping helper smart bar engine both by Re soft and finally Web Protect from PC Publishing. It tells me it's waiting for the current program to un install. Then it says the file is corrupted. Try later.
    Can anyone help me I have only just upgraded from an Etcha Sketch. Easy speak only !

  13. Motty Sep 15, 2014

    I seem to have got rid of the Re soft junk. But can't get rid of Web Protect from PC publishing.

  14. ISMI Oct 3, 2014


  15. Mark Dec 12, 2014

    Kim, your solution worked for me as well. Thanks, you saved me hours looking at some of the other comments. On my computer (Windows 8.1) tapping F8 to get into safe mode didn't work. I had to start normally and then go to computer settings where I eventually found an option to restore the computer which had the safe mode tucked away in there. Best google it if you're stuck and reading this!

  16. John M. Dec 26, 2014

    Well, since Gary Linsell and Kim made their comments the Bubble people must have caught on as these methods no longer work :(
    The Bubble so-called "uninstall" page blocks any further progress, and a no-doubt false 'wait until the previous desinstallation is finished' pops up....

    Any new ideas please, before a complete format and reload become necessary?
    Thanks in advance

  17. John M. Dec 26, 2014

    Well, since Gary Linsell and Kim made their comments the Bubble people must have caught on as these methods no longer work :(
    The Bubble so-called "uninstall" page blocks any further progress, and a no-doubt false 'wait until the previous desinstallation is finished' pops up....

    Any new ideas please, before a complete format and reload become necessary?
    Thanks in advance

  18. Lisa Jan 1, 2015

    I was able to uninstall Bubble dock and all the other junk that came with it by going in under safe mode,with exception of Browse Protector. That I can't get rid of. Operating system is Windows 7

  19. Danny K Jan 15, 2015

    I Echo john my laptop uninstall has also gone into wait mode. can the legitimate
    companies that bubbledock advertise not do something about it. I personally would
    avoid buying from any of these companies in the future

  20. me Oct 21, 2015

    search Selection Tools Update.exe open containing folder. run uninstall.

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