Danger level 7
Type: Backdoors
Common infection symptoms:
  • Connects to the internet without permission
  • Installs itself without permissions
  • Slow Computer
  • Slow internet connection
  • System crashes


The most dangerous infections are the ones that are hard to detect or notice. Backdoor:Win32/IRCbot.gen!M is a computer threat that can remain in your system for a considerable period of time, before you even realize that you are infected with malware. This threat is classified as backdoor, because Backdoor:Win32/IRCbot.gen!M allows remote attacker to access and control your computer. The backdoor functions behind your back and connects to a remote server in order to receive instructions on how to proceed further. Being infected with this threats puts your system at great risk, so it is necessary to remove Backdoor:Win32/IRCbot.gen!M from your PC as soon as possible.

There are many ways for Backdoor:Win32/IRCbot.gen!M to enter your system. If your computer has multiple vulnerabilities, it is very likely that sooner or later you will get infected with this backdoor or any other computer threat. Backdoor:Win32/IRCbot.gen!M is particularly good at exploiting vulnerabilities in remote computers that run SQL Server. For example, if a computer is protected with a weak password, it is very likely that Backdoor:Win32/IRCbot.gen!M will infect it, because the backdoor comes with a list of weak passwords that it can use to make an attempt on remote computer's administrator account. It can also spread via such Instant Messaging clients as MSN Messenger, ICQ and Yahoo Messenger. A message containing a backdoor command is sent out to all the people on the infected user's contact list.

Backdoor:Win32/IRCbot.gen!M can perform a variety of malicious actions based on what a remote hacker wants it to do. The main thing this backdoor does is connecting to a remote IRC server or channel to receive commands. Then it steals passwords and downloads other arbitrary files that get installed on the compromised computer. This way, Backdoor:Win32/IRCbot.gen!M infects you with even more malware, and the worst thing is that the backdoor can always update itself. Also, depending on what a hacker wants Backdoor:Win32/IRCbot.gen!M to do, it can use your computer as a part of a botnet to stage a Denial of Service attack.

Obviously, you must remove Backdoor:Win32/IRCbot.gen!M from your computer right now. It is rather hard to terminate the backdoor on your own, especially considering the fact that it can come with additional malware as well. Therefore, you are highly recommended to delete Backdoor:Win32/IRCbot.gen!M from your PC with an automated malware removal tool. Invest in a reliable computer safeguard application that will not only terminate the backdoor, but will also protect you from other threats.

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