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Danger level 9
Type: Malware
Common infection symptoms:
  • Block exe files from running
  • Installs itself without permissions
  • Changes background
  • Connects to the internet without permission
  • Normal system programs crash immediatelly
  • System crashes
  • Cant change my homepage
  • Annoying Pop-up's
  • Slow Computer

Váš počítač je zablokován virus

Are you afraid Váš počítač je zablokován Virus is running on your computer? You should have no doubts left about this if your computer is locked and your screen is corrupted by a strange notification demanding you to pay money for completely fictional crimes. Are you guilty of viewing or producing material related to pornography and zoophilia or similar cyber crimes? Then ignore the ridiculous demands (see below) and remove Váš počítač je zablokován Virus mercilessly.

Pozor! Váš počítač je zablokován kvůli alespoñ jednoho z důvodů uvedených níže. […]
Pokuty mohou být vyplaceny až teprve během 72 hodin po protiprávním jednání. Jakmile 72 hodin uplynutí, možnost zaplatit pokutu vyprší, a trestní řízení je zahájeno proti Vas automaticky během příštích 72 hodin!
Výše pokuty je ČZK 2.000 NEBO €100. Můžete zaplatit pokutu Ukash nebo PaySafeCard.

Do you think you can spare 100 Euros in order to regain control over your operating Windows system? Sure, your computer needs reliable protection and this money could be used to strengthen it. Regardless, paying money for something you have not done is just wasteful. Moreover, if you think payments made through Moneypak and Ukash would unlock the PC – you are completely wrong. Such clone infections as Il vostro computer è stato bloccato virus, Ministère de L’intérieur virus and Ihr Computer ist gesperrt virus have proven us that supposed fines do not unlock computers.

You should trust automatic removal tools to delete Váš počítač je zablokován Virus. Manual removal option is not as reliable and straightforward as installing SpyHunter and allowing it to find and delete malicious files which corrupt the Registry and other system utilities. Here is what you need to do in order to install the tool and delete running infections automatically:

Windows Vista/7:

1. Restart the computer.
2. Once BIOS (information on hardware) loads up – start tapping F8.
3. Select Safe Mode with Networking using arrow keys and tap Enter to load the PC.
4. Go to and download SpyHunter.
5. Install the automatic removal tool to delete Váš počítač je zablokován Virus.

Windows XP:

1. Restart the PC and start tapping F8 right after BIOS loads up.
2. Using arrow keys navigate to the Safe Mode with Networking and hit Enter to apply.
3. Click Yes on the “Windows is running in safe mode” notification.
4. Open Start menu, launch RUN and enter “msconfig”. Click OK.
5. Click on the Startup tab and uncheck all items. Click Apply.
6. Download SpyHunter and restart the computer (normally).
7. Install the removal tool right away and all malicious programs will be deleted.

Download Spyware Removal Tool to Remove* Váš počítač je zablokován virus
  • Quick & tested solution for Váš počítač je zablokován virus removal.
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