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Danger level 7
Type: Trojans
Common infection symptoms:
  • Installs itself without permissions
  • Connects to the internet without permission
  • Slow internet connection
  • System crashes
  • Slow Computer


Troj/BckR2D2-A is a backdoor Trojan that compromises the system and then allows other malware to enter the user's computer. This Trojan cannot act on its own, because it connects over the network to a remote server and then waits for the commands from a hacker who created it. Troj/BckR2D2-A (else detected as Backdoor:Win32/R2d2.A) usually monitors Skype conversations, takes system screenshots and downloads unwanted files that are executed immediately. These files commonly contain other malware.

Take note of the fact that Troj/BckR2D2-A is usually installed by another malicious process. It only confirms widely known truth that Trojans often infect computers in packs. Troj/BckR2D2-A is installed in the Windows system folder as mfc42ul.dll. Then it modifies the registry to run automatically with Windows. Then it installs another malicious component on the system. The component is commonly detected as Trojan:Win32/R2d2.A!rootkit. This rootkit component deletes and renames important files by modifying registry data.

Troj/BckR2D2-A directly affects only a definite set of processes that includes explorer.exe, Skype.exe, msnmsgr.exe, yahoomessenger.exe and others. From the list of processes it is possible to deduce that Troj/BckR2D2-A targets instant messaging programs and steal personal data from the infected users. It has already been mentioned that the Trojan monitors Skype conversations, but it also takes screenshots whenever the user browser the Internet using Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera and other browsers.

To protect personal data and computer system from ultimate destruction the user has to remove Troj/BckR2D2-A at once. Manual removal is a bit too hard for an inexperienced user to perform. However, automatic removal might be exactly what you are looking for. Download a computer security program and delete Troj/BckR2D2-A with a reliable application. The program will also delete other malware related to the Trojan that is bound to be hidden in your system.

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How to manually remove Troj/BckR2D2-A

Files associated with Troj/BckR2D2-A infection:


Troj/BckR2D2-A DLL's to remove:


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